Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1011.1644 (Iwan Schenker et al.)

The Influence of the Degree of Heterogeneity on the Elastic Properties
of Random Sphere Packings

Iwan Schenker, Frank T. Filser, Markus Hütter, Ludwig J. Gauckler

1110.1424 (Paula Mellado et al.)

A simple model for nanofiber formation by rotary jet-spinning    [PDF]

Paula Mellado, Holly A. McIlwee, Mohammad R. Badrossamay, Josue A. Goss, L. Mahadevan, K Parker

1112.5804 (Aaron F. Mertz et al.)

Scaling of Traction Forces with Size of Adherent Cell Colonie    [PDF]

Aaron F. Mertz, Shiladitya Banerjee, Yonglu Che, Guy K. German, Ye Xu, Callen Hyland, M. Cristina Marchetti, Valerie Horsley, Eric. R. Dufresne

1201.2961 (E. Werner et al.)

Orientational correlations in confined DNA    [PDF]

E. Werner, F. Persson, F. Westerlund, J. O. Tegenfeldt, B. Mehlig

1202.2268 (Celia Blanco et al.)

Homochiral oligopeptides by chiral amplification: Interpretation of
experimental data with a copolymerization model

Celia Blanco, David Hochberg

1202.2422 (Zecheng Gan et al.)

Effects of image charges, interfacial charge discreteness, and surface
roughness on the zeta potential of spherical electric double layers

Zecheng Gan, Xiangjun Xing, Zhenli Xu

1202.2442 (Pawel Romanczuk et al.)

Active Brownian Particles. From Individual to Collective Stochastic

Pawel Romanczuk, Markus Bär, Werner Ebeling, Benjamin Lindner, Lutz Schimansky-Geier

1202.2450 (Carolyn L. Phillips et al.)

Optimal Filling of Shapes    [PDF]

Carolyn L. Phillips, Joshua A. Anderson, Greg Huber, Sharon C. Glotzer

1202.2793 (Peter Talkner et al.)

Transport of flexible chiral objects in a uniform shear flow    [PDF]

Peter Talkner, Gert-Ludwig Ingold, Peter Hanggi

1202.2842 (Hygor P. M. Melo et al.)

Linear stability analysis of transverse dunes    [PDF]

Hygor P. M. Melo, Eric J. R. Partelia, José S. Andrade Jr, Hans J. Herrmann