Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1109.2545 (Peter Olsson et al.)

Duality in Shearing Rheology Near the Athermal Jamming Transition    [PDF]

Peter Olsson, S. Teitel

1111.1494 (Evan Hohlfeld et al.)

Scale and Nature of Sulcification Patterns    [PDF]

Evan Hohlfeld, L. Mahadevan

1207.3953 (Thibaut Divoux et al.)

Rheological hysteresis in soft glassy materials    [PDF]

Thibaut Divoux, Vincent Grenard, Sébastien Manneville

1207.3974 (Thomas Wüst et al.)

Optimized Wang-Landau sampling of lattice polymers: Ground state search
and folding thermodynamics of HP model proteins

Thomas Wüst, David P. Landau

1207.4015 (Stefan Schnabel et al.)

Advanced multicanonical Monte Carlo methods for efficient simulations of
nucleation processes of polymers

Stefan Schnabel, Michael Bachmann, Wolfhard Janke

1207.4099 (Mohamed Amine Ben Abdelwahed et al.)

Bubble Shape and Transport During LCM Processes: Experimental Modeling
in a T-Junction Tube

Mohamed Amine Ben Abdelwahed, Yanneck Wielhorski, Laurent Bizet, Joël Bréard

1207.4100 (Yanneck Wielhorski et al.)

Theoretical and Experimental Modelling of Bubble Formation with
Connected Capillaries in Liquid Composite Moulding Processes

Yanneck Wielhorski, Mohamed Amine Ben Abdelwahed, Laurent Bizet, Joël Bréard