Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1208.2348 (D. R. Corbett et al.)

Tack energy and switchable adhesion of liquid crystal elastomers    [PDF]

D. R. Corbett, J. M. Adams

1208.2381 (Arijit Ghosh et al.)

Dynamical Configurations and Bistability of Helical Nanostructures under
External Torque

Arijit Ghosh, Debadrita Paria, Haobijam Johnson Singh, Pooyath Lekshmy Venugopalan, Ambarish Ghosh

1208.2418 (Agnieszka M. Slowicka et al.)

Lateral migration of flexible fibers in Poiseuille flow between two
parallel planar solid walls

Agnieszka M. Slowicka, Eligiusz Wajnryb, Maria L. Ekiel-Jezewska

1208.2445 (V. Achilleos et al.)

Solitons and their ghosts in PT-symmetric systems with defocusing

V. Achilleos, P. G. Kevrekidis, D. J. Frantzeskakis, R. Carretero-Gonzalez

1208.2449 (James F. Lutsko)

Nucleation of colloids and macromolecules in a finite volume    [PDF]

James F. Lutsko

1208.2489 (Sergey K. Nemirovskii)

Fluctuations of the vortex line density in turbulent flows of quantum

Sergey K. Nemirovskii

1208.2524 (Z. C. Tu)

Bounds and phase diagram of efficiency at maximum power for
tight-coupling molecular motors

Z. C. Tu

1208.2531 (Francis G. Woodhouse et al.)

Shear-Driven Circulation Patterns in Lipid Membrane Vesicles    [PDF]

Francis G. Woodhouse, Raymond E. Goldstein

1208.2539 (Timm Krüger et al.)

Numerical simulations of complex fluid-fluid interface dynamics    [PDF]

Timm Krüger, Stefan Frijters, Florian Günther, Badr Kaoui, Jens Harting

1208.2636 (W. Wendell Smith et al.)

Molecular Simulations of the Fluctuating Conformational Dynamics of
Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

W. Wendell Smith, Carl F. Schreck, Nabeem Hashem, Sherwin Soltani, Abhinav Nath, Elizabeth Rhoades, Corey S. O'Hern