Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1304.5536 (Enis Tuncer)

Electrical properties of polyetherimide thin films: Nonparametric
dielectric reponse analysis with distribution of relaxation times

Enis Tuncer

1304.5539 (R. R. Guimarães et al.)

Annihilation dynamics of stringlike topological defects in a nematic
lyotropic liquid crystal

R. R. Guimarães, R. S. Mendes, P. R. G. Fernandes, H. Mukai

1304.5556 (Chiu Fan Lee)

Active particles under confinement: Aggregation at the wall and gradient
formation inside a channel

Chiu Fan Lee

1304.5679 (O. Deriabina et al.)

Regulation of dispersion of carbon nanotubes in a mixture of good and
bad solvents

O. Deriabina, N. Lebovka, L. Bulavin, A. Goncharuk

1304.5703 (Igor M. Kulic et al.)

Dipolar Self Assembly in Coherently Fluctuating Fields    [PDF]

Igor M. Kulic, Miodrag L. Kulic

1304.5731 (Vera Bocharova et al.)

Realization of Associative Memory in an Enzymatic Process: Towards
Biomolecular Networks with Learning and Unlearning Functionalities

Vera Bocharova, Kevin MacVittie, Soujanya Chinnapareddy, Jan Halamek, Vladimir Privman, Evgeny Katz

1304.5523 (Tajkera Khatun et al.)

Crack Formation in Laponite Gel under AC Fields    [PDF]

Tajkera Khatun, Tapati Dutta, Sujata Tarafdar

1304.5960 (E. Schneider et al.)

Dissipative Quantum Transport in Macromolecules: An Effective Field
Theory Approach

E. Schneider, S. a Beccara, P. Faccioli

1304.5980 (Franco Ferrari et al.)

Topologically Linked Polymers are Anyon Systems    [PDF]

Franco Ferrari, Jarosław Paturej, Marcin Pi\katek, Yani Zhao

1304.6018 (Mohammad Hossein Yamani et al.)

Stable and metastable hard sphere crystals in Fundamental Measure Theory    [PDF]

Mohammad Hossein Yamani, Martin Oettel