Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1210.5695 (Li Shi et al.)

Nanorods of Well-Defined Length and Monodisperse Cross-Section Obtained
from Electrostatic Complexation of Nanoparticles with a Semiflexible

Li Shi, Florent Carn, François Boué, Gervaise Mosser, Eric Buhler

1210.5696 (Anne-Laure Fameau et al.)

Switching Reversibly between Ultrastable and Unstable Foams    [PDF]

Anne-Laure Fameau, Arnaud Saint-Jalmes, Fabrice Cousin, Bérénice Houinsou Houssou, François Boué, Bruno Novales, Laurence Navailles, Frédéric Nallet, Cédric Gaillard, Jean-Paul Douliez.

1210.5712 (Jean Charvolin et al.)

Ordering in dense fiber bundles, the phyllotactic solution and its
application to collagen fibrils

Jean Charvolin, Jean-François Sadoc

1210.5793 (Daun Jeong et al.)

Reconstructing Equilibrium Entropy and Enthalpy Profiles from
Non-equilibrium Pulling

Daun Jeong, Ioan Andricioaei

1210.5805 (Shubha Tewari et al.)

Signatures of Incipient Jamming in Hopper Flows    [PDF]

Shubha Tewari, Michal Dichter, Bulbul Chakraborty

1210.5842 (Sebastian Jachalski et al.)

Stationary solutions of liquid two-layer thin film models    [PDF]

Sebastian Jachalski, Robert Huth, Georgy Kitavtsev, Dirk Peschka, Barbara Wagner

1210.5843 (E. Trizac et al.)

Like-charge colloidal attraction: a simple argument    [PDF]

E. Trizac, L. Samaj

1210.5871 (T. Guérin et al.)

Reactive conformations and non-Markovian reaction kinetics of a Rouse
polymer searching for a target in confinement

T. Guérin, O. Bénichou, R. Voituriez

1210.5905 (Thomas Salez et al.)

Capillary-driven flow induced by a stepped perturbation atop a viscous

Thomas Salez, Joshua D. McGraw, Oliver Bäumchen, Kari Dalnoki-Veress, Élie Raphaël

1210.5994 (Nikita Tretyakov et al.)

Correlation between surface topography and slippage: a Molecular
Dynamics study

Nikita Tretyakov, Marcus Müller