Friday, March 8, 2013

1303.1566 (Isaac R. Bruss et al.)

Topological Defects, Surface Geometry and Cohesive Energy of Twisted
Filament Bundle

Isaac R. Bruss, Gregory M. Grason

1303.1617 (Michel Destrade et al.)

Proper formulation of viscous dissipation for nonlinear waves in solids    [PDF]

Michel Destrade, Giuseppe Saccomandi, Maurizio Vianello

1303.1702 (Mario Heidernätsch et al.)

Characterizing N-dimensional anisotropic Brownian motion by the
distribution of diffusivities

Mario Heidernätsch, Michael Bauer, Günter Radons

1303.1723 (S. Worman et al.)

Modeling the large-scale structure of a barchan dune field    [PDF]

S. Worman, A. B. Murray, R. Littlewood, B. Andreotti, P. Claudin

1303.1755 (D. Damasceno Borges et al.)

Inhomogeneous transport in model hydrated polymer electrolyte supported
ultra-thin films

D. Damasceno Borges, A. A. Franco, K. Malek, G. Gebel, S. Mossa

1303.1779 (Yoshiki Sawa et al.)

Shape and Chirality Transitions in Off-Axis Twist Nematic Elastomer

Yoshiki Sawa, Kenji Urayama, Toshikazu Takigawa, Vianney Gimenez-Pinto, Badel L. Mbanga, Fangfu Ye, Jonathan V. Selinger, Robin L. B. Selinger

1303.1793 (Mark Bowick et al.)

Pathways to faceting of vesicles    [PDF]

Mark Bowick, Rastko Sknepnek