Monday, March 5, 2012

1203.0134 (Santi Prestipino)

On the accuracy of the melting curves drawn from modelling a solid as an
elastic medium

Santi Prestipino

1203.0148 (Panagiotis E. Theodorakis et al.)

A study for the static properties of symmetric linear multiblock
copolymers under poor solvent conditions

Panagiotis E. Theodorakis, Nikolaos G. Fytas

1203.0206 (Martin Chaplin)

Self-generation of colligative properties at hydrophilic surfaces    [PDF]

Martin Chaplin

1203.0266 (F. Vega Reyes et al.)

Steady base states for non-Newtonian granular hydrodynamics    [PDF]

F. Vega Reyes, A. Santos, V. Garzó

1203.0271 (Anil Kumar Dasanna et al.)

Strand diffusion-limited closure of denaturation bubbles in DNA    [PDF]

Anil Kumar Dasanna, Nicolas Destainville, John Palmeri, Manoel Manghi

1203.0410 (E. Grace Kim et al.)

Field-Induced Breakup of Emulsion Droplets Stabilized by Colloidal

E. Grace Kim, Kevin Stratford, Paul S. Clegg, Michael E. Cates