Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1303.5811 (K. L. Ngai et al.)

Thermorheological Complexity in Polymers and the Problem of the Glass

K. L. Ngai, C. M. Roland

1303.5890 (A. M. Tichler et al.)

Transmission and reflection of strongly nonlinear solitary waves at
granular interfaces

A. M. Tichler, L. R. Gomez, N. Upadhyaya, X. Campman, V. F. Nesterenko, V. Vitelli

1303.5896 (David R. Nelson et al.)

Defects on cylinders: superfluid helium films and bacterial cell walls    [PDF]

David R. Nelson, Ariel Amir

1303.6051 (S. M. Mesli et al.)

Study of the validity of a combined potential model using the hybrid
reverse Monte Carlo method in fluoride glass system

S. M. Mesli, M. Habchi, M. Kotbi, H. Xu

1303.6061 (Ja. M. Ilnytskyi et al.)

Dissipative particle dynamics study of solvent mediated transitions in
pores decorated with tethered polymer brushes in the form of stripes

Ja. M. Ilnytskyi, S. Sokolowski, T. Patsahan

1303.6101 (F. D. C. Farrell et al.)

Mechanically driven growth of quasi-two dimensional microbial colonies    [PDF]

F. D. C. Farrell, O. Hallatschek, D. Marenduzzo, B. Waclaw

1303.6104 (Francesco Parisen Toldin et al.)

Critical Casimir forces between homogeneous and chemically striped

Francesco Parisen Toldin, Matthias Tröndle, S. Dietrich

1303.6220 (M. Carme Calderer et al.)

Liquid crystal elastomers and phase transitions in rod networks    [PDF]

M. Carme Calderer, Carlos A. Garavito, Chong Luo

1303.6221 (A. Tiribocchi et al.)

Flexoelectric switching in cholesteric blue phases    [PDF]

A. Tiribocchi, M. E. Cates, G. Gonnella, D. Marenduzzo, E. Orlandini

1303.6239 (Young-Ki Kim et al.)

Morphogenesis of defects and tactoids during isotropic-nematic phase
transition in self-assembled lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals

Young-Ki Kim, Sergij V. Shiyanovskii, Oleg D. Lavrentovich