Tuesday, December 11, 2012

0911.5312 (Mohammad H. Ansari)

A gas of elongated objects; an analytical approach    [PDF]

Mohammad H. Ansari

1212.1741 (Ke Chen et al.)

Phonons in pristine and imperfect two-dimensional soft colloidal

Ke Chen, Tim Still, Kevin B. Aptowicz, Sam Schoenholz, Michael Schindler, A. C. Maggs, Andrea J. Liu, A. G. Yodh

1212.1758 (Alan R. Denton)

Coarse-Grained Modeling of Charged Colloidal Suspensions: From
Poisson-Boltzmann Theory to Effective Interactions

Alan R. Denton

1212.1771 (E. Pairam et al.)

Stable nematic droplets with handles    [PDF]

E. Pairam, J. Vallamkondu, V. Koning, B. C. van Zuiden, M. A. Bates, V. Vitelli, A. Fernandez Nieves

1212.1773 (Vladimir A. Vladimirov)

Dumbbell micro-robot driven by flow oscillations    [PDF]

Vladimir A. Vladimirov

1212.1823 (Raphael Wittkowski et al.)

Microscopic approach to entropy production    [PDF]

Raphael Wittkowski, Hartmut Löwen, Helmut R. Brand

1212.1869 (Timo Ikonen et al.)

Polymer translocation under time-dependent driving forces: resonant
activation induced by attractive polymer-pore interactions

Timo Ikonen, Jaeoh Shin, Tapio Ala-Nissila, Wokyung Sung

1212.1998 (Jean-François Camenen et al.)

Effect of confinement on dense packings of rigid frictionless spheres
and polyhedra

Jean-François Camenen, Yannick Descantes, Patrick Richard

1212.2020 (Alessio Zaccone et al.)

Disorder-assisted melting and the glass transition in amorphous solids    [PDF]

Alessio Zaccone, Eugene M. Terentjev

1212.2148 (Alpha A. Lee et al.)

Electroactuation with Single Charge Carrier Ionomers    [PDF]

Alpha A. Lee, Ralph H. Colby, Alexei A. Kornyshev