Monday, January 21, 2013

1301.4226 (Ariel Amir et al.)

Theory of interacting dislocations on cylinders    [PDF]

Ariel Amir, Jayson Paulose, David R. Nelson

1301.4298 (S. Ishihara et al.)

Comparative study of non-invasive force and stress inference methods in

S. Ishihara, K. Sugimura, S. J. Cox, I. Bonnet, Y. Bellaiche, F. Graner

1301.4323 (Anirban Polley et al.)

Bending elasticity of macromolecules: analytic predictions from the
wormlike chain model

Anirban Polley, Joseph Samuel, Supurna Sinha

1301.4324 (O. M. Braun et al.)

Size scaling of static friction    [PDF]

O. M. Braun, Nicola Manini, Erio Tosatti

1301.4355 (Marco Bellagamba et al.)

Tautomerism in liquid 1,2,3-triazole: a combined Energy-Dispersive X-Ray
Diffraction, Molecular Dynamics and FTIR study

Marco Bellagamba, Luigi Bencivenni, Lorenzo Gontrani, Leonardo Guidoni, Claudia Sadun

1301.4427 (Anier Hernández-García et al.)

Non-Steady wall-bounded flows of viscoelastic fluids under periodic

Anier Hernández-García, Antonio Fernández-Barbero, Oscar Sotolongo-Costa

1301.4449 (Jack F. Douglas)

Influence of Chain Structure and Swelling on the Elasticity of Rubbery
Materials: Localization Model Description

Jack F. Douglas

1301.4460 (Efi Efrati et al.)

Orientation-dependent measures of chirality    [PDF]

Efi Efrati, William T. M. Irvine

1301.4464 (Ryohei Seto et al.)

Compressive consolidation of strongly aggregated colloidal gels    [PDF]

Ryohei Seto, Robert Botet, Martine Meireles, Günter K. Auernhammer, Bernard Cabane

1301.4468 (Markus Gross et al.)

Interfacial roughening in non-ideal fluids: Dynamic scaling in the weak-
and strong-damping regime

Markus Gross, Fathollah Varnik

1301.4472 (Uwe Thiele et al.)

Localized states in the conserved Swift-Hohenberg equation with cubic

Uwe Thiele, Andrew J. Archer, Mark J. Robbins, Hector Gomez, Edgar Knobloch