Monday, August 27, 2012

1011.1002 (Kai Zhang et al.)

Reentrant and Isostructural Transitions in a Cluster-Crystal Former    [PDF]

Kai Zhang, Patrick Charbonneau, Bianca M. Mladek

1112.0239 (Maxim Dvornikov)

Quantum exchange interaction of spherically symmetric plasmoids    [PDF]

Maxim Dvornikov

1208.4856 (Andrea Vanossi et al.)

Static and dynamic friction in sliding colloidal monolayers    [PDF]

Andrea Vanossi, Nicola Manini, Erio Tosatti

1208.4879 (Takashi Uneyama et al.)

Concentration Dependence of Rheological Properties of Telechelic
Associative Polymer Solutions

Takashi Uneyama, Shinya Suzuki, Hiroshi Watanabe

1208.4905 (Won Kyu Kim et al.)

How a single stretched polymer responds coherently to a minute
oscillation in fluctuating environments: An entropic stochastic resonance

Won Kyu Kim, Wokyung Sung

1208.4933 (N. Golubeva et al.)

Efficiency at maximum power of interacting molecular machines    [PDF]

N. Golubeva, A. Imparato