Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1304.3470 (Luca Tubiana et al.)

Spontaneous knotting and unknotting of flexible linear polymers:
equilibrium and kinetic aspects

Luca Tubiana, Angelo Rosa, Filippo Fragiacomo, Cristian Micheletti

1304.3500 (Matthew Dennison et al.)

Fluctuation-stabilized marginal networks and anomalous entropic

Matthew Dennison, Michael Sheinman, Cornelis Storm, Fred C. MacKintosh

1304.3569 (Supurna Sinha et al.)

Statistical mechanics of bent twisted ribbons    [PDF]

Supurna Sinha, Joseph Samuel

1304.3571 (S. Stepanow)

Mechanism of chain folding in polymer crystallization    [PDF]

S. Stepanow

1304.3644 (S. A. Egorov et al.)

Controlling the Interactions between Soft Colloids via Surface

S. A. Egorov, J. Paturej, C. N. Likos, A. Milchev

1304.3657 (Timon Idema et al.)

Mechanical signaling via nonlinear wavefront propagation in a
mechanically-excitable medium

Timon Idema, Andrea J. Liu

1304.3675 (Douglas J. Ashton et al.)

Self-assembly of colloidal polymers via depletion-mediated lock and key

Douglas J. Ashton, Robert L. Jack, Nigel B. Wilding

1304.3809 (Hayato Shiba et al.)

Structure formation of surfactant membranes under shear flow    [PDF]

Hayato Shiba, Hiroshi Noguchi, Gerhard Gompper

1304.3817 (Andrés Santos et al.)

Structural properties of fluids interacting via piece-wise constant
potentials with a hard core

Andrés Santos, Santos B. Yuste, Mariano López de Haro, Mariana Bárcenas, Pedro Orea

1304.3827 (Julian Weichsel et al.)

Mesoscopic model for filament orientation in growing actin networks: the
role of obstacle geometry

Julian Weichsel, Ulrich S. Schwarz

1304.3878 (Bing-Sui Lu et al.)

Statistical physics of isotropic-genesis nematic elastomers: I.
Structure and correlations at high temperatures

Bing-Sui Lu, Fangfu Ye, Xiangjun Xing, Paul M. Goldbart

1304.3900 (Max Wolff et al.)

Depth resolved grazing incidence scattering from the solid-liquid

Max Wolff, Peter Kuhns, Andrew J C Dennison, Georg Liesche, Philipp Gutfreund, Sarah Rogers

1304.3908 (Jan Halamek et al.)

Enzyme-Based Logic Analysis of Biomarkers at Physiological
Concentrations: AND Gate with Double-Sigmoid "Filter" Response

Jan Halamek, Oleksandr Zavalov, Lenka Halamkova, Sevim Korkmaz, Vladimir Privman, Evgeny Katz

1304.3916 (Wei Zhang et al.)

Correlated diffusion of colloidal particles near a liquid-liquid

Wei Zhang, Song Chen, Na Li, Jiazheng Zhang, Wei Chen

1304.4021 (David Abreu et al.)

Noisy nonlinear dynamics of vesicles in flow    [PDF]

David Abreu, Udo Seifert

1304.4025 (Timon Idema et al.)

The syncytial Drosophila embryo as a mechanically excitable medium    [PDF]

Timon Idema, Julien O. Dubuis, M. Lisa Manning, Philip C. Nelson, Andrea J. Liu

1304.4060 (Jean-François Sadoc et al.)

Phyllotaxis on surfaces of constant Gaussian curvature    [PDF]

Jean-François Sadoc, Jean Charvolin, Nicolas Rivier

1304.4120 (V. D. Lakhno et al.)

On the possibility of electronic DNA nanobiochips    [PDF]

V. D. Lakhno, V. B. Sultanov

1304.4125 (Ladislav Samaj)

Counter-ions at single charged wall: Sum rules    [PDF]

Ladislav Samaj

1304.4158 (Dominic Roehm et al.)

Hydrodynamic Correlations slow down Crystallization of Soft Colloids    [PDF]

Dominic Roehm, Stefan Kesselheim, Axel Arnold

1304.4212 (H. Katsuragi et al.)

Drag force scaling for penetration into granular media    [PDF]

H. Katsuragi, D. J. Durian

1304.4216 (Natalia A. Denesyuk et al.)

A Coarse-Grained Model for Predicting RNA Folding Thermodynamics    [PDF]

Natalia A. Denesyuk, D. Thirumalai

1304.4220 (O. A. Vasilyev et al.)

Critical Casimir torques and forces acting on needles in two spatial

O. A. Vasilyev, E. Eisenriegler, S. Dietrich