Thursday, June 20, 2013

1306.4374 (Juan C del Alamo et al.)

Three-Dimensional Quantification of Cellular Traction Forces and
Mechanosensing of Thin Substrata by Fourier Traction Force Microscopy

Juan C del Alamo, Ruedi Meili, BegoƱa Alvarez-Gonzalez, Baldomero Alonso-Latorre, Effie Bastounis, Richard Firtel, Juan C Lasheras

1306.4402 (David L. Pincus et al.)

Force-Induced Unzipping Transitions in an Athermal Crowded Environment    [PDF]

David L. Pincus, D. Thirumalai

1306.4467 (Peter Grassberger)

Polymer collapse and crystallization in bond fluctuation models    [PDF]

Peter Grassberger

1306.4488 (Eric Falcon et al.)

Equation of state of a granular gas homogeneously driven by particle

Eric Falcon, Jean-Claude Bacri, Claude Laroche

1306.4560 (V. V. Atrazhev et al.)

Stalled phase transition model of high-elastic polymer    [PDF]

V. V. Atrazhev, S. F. Burlatsky, D. V. Dmitriev, V. I. Sultanov

1306.4566 (S. F. Burlatsky et al.)

Surface tension model for surfactant solutions at the critical micelle

S. F. Burlatsky, V. V. Atrazhev, D. V. Dmitriev, V. I. Sultanov, E. N. Timokhina, E. A. Ugolkova, S. Tulyani, A. Vincitore

1306.4575 (S. F. Burlatsky et al.)

A Mathematical Model for Predicting the Life of PEM Fuel Cell Membranes
Subjected to Hydration Cycling

S. F. Burlatsky, M. Gummalla, J. O'Neill, V. V. Atrazhev, A. N. Varyukhin, D. V. Dmitriev, N. S. Erikhman

1306.4600 (Payam Rowghanian et al.)

Propagation of Tension along a Polymer Chain    [PDF]

Payam Rowghanian, Alexander Y. Grosberg

1306.4602 (Payam Rowghanian et al.)

Electrophoresis of a DNA Coil Near a Nanopore    [PDF]

Payam Rowghanian, Alexander Y. Grosberg

1306.4603 (Payam Rowghanian et al.)

Electrophoretic Capture of a DNA Chain into a Nanopore    [PDF]

Payam Rowghanian, Alexander Y. Grosberg

1306.4630 (Th. Bauer et al.)

Scaling of activation energies with cooperativity in glassy dynamics    [PDF]

Th. Bauer, P. Lunkenheimer, A. Loidl

1306.4639 (Jorge H. Lopez et al.)

Jamming graphs: A local approach to global mechanical rigidity    [PDF]

Jorge H. Lopez, L. Cao, J. M. Schwarz

1306.4642 (Jagannath Mondal et al.)

When does TMAO fold a polymer chain and urea unfold it?    [PDF]

Jagannath Mondal, Guillaume Stirnemann, B. J. Berne