Friday, July 13, 2012

1201.2771 (A. Santos et al.)

Rational-function approximation for fluids interacting via piece-wise
constant potentials

A. Santos, S. B. Yuste, M. López de Haro

1207.2881 (V. Blavatska et al.)

Disorder effects on the static scattering function of star branched

V. Blavatska, C. von Ferber, Yu. Holovatch

1207.2918 (Amelia Carolina Sparavigna)

Distortional Lifshitz Vectors and Helicity in Nematic Free Energy

Amelia Carolina Sparavigna

1207.2919 (Yuri Martinez Raton et al.)

Effect of polydispersity, bimodality and aspect ratio on the phase
behavior of colloidal platelet suspensions

Yuri Martinez Raton, Enrique Velasco

1207.2929 (M. C. Marchetti et al.)

Soft Active Matter    [PDF]

M. C. Marchetti, J. -F. Joanny, S. Ramaswamy, T. B. Liverpool, J. Prost, Madan Rao, R. Aditi Simha

1207.2975 (S. Hlushak et al.)

Simplified exponential approximation for thermodynamics of a hard-core
repulsive Yukawa fluid

S. Hlushak, A. Trokhymchuk

1207.2986 (M. Holovko et al.)

One-dimensional hard rod fluid in a disordered porous medium: scaled
particle theory

M. Holovko, T. Patsahan, W. Dong

1207.2988 (Takashi Matsushima et al.)

Fundamental structural characteristics of planar granular assemblies:
scaling away friction and initial state

Takashi Matsushima, Raphael Blumenfeld