Friday, September 21, 2012

1108.2636 (Christian L. Klix et al.)

Glass elasticity from particle trajectories    [PDF]

Christian L. Klix, Florian Ebert, Fabian Weysser, Matthias Fuchs, Georg Maret, Peter Keim

1201.4353 (Jasper F. Kok et al.)

The physics of wind-blown sand and dust    [PDF]

Jasper F. Kok, Eric J. R. Parteli, Timothy I. Michaels, Diana Bou Karam

1209.3592 (P. Butera)

The high-temperature expansions of the higher susceptibilities for the
Ising model in general dimension d

P. Butera

1209.4461 (Abdoulaye Fall et al.)

Rheology of sedimenting particle pastes    [PDF]

Abdoulaye Fall, Henri de Cagny, Daniel Bonn, Guillaume Ovarlez, Elie Wandersman, Joshua A. Dijksman, Martin van Hecke

1209.4481 (Nariya Uchida et al.)

Hydrodynamic Synchronization between Objects with Cyclic Rigid

Nariya Uchida, Ramin Golestanian

1209.4507 (A. Shahin et al.)

Interface Induced Anisotropy and nematic glass/gel state in Jammed
Aqueous Laponite Suspensions

A. Shahin, Yogesh M Joshi, S. Anantha Ramakrishna

1209.4511 (A. Shahin et al.)

Hyper-aging Dynamics of Nano-clay Suspension    [PDF]

A. Shahin, Yogesh M Joshi

1209.4513 (Asima Shaukat et al.)

Shear Mediated Elongational Flow and Yielding in Soft Glassy Materials    [PDF]

Asima Shaukat, Manish Kaushal, Ashutosh Sharma, Yogesh M. Joshi

1209.4516 (Thomas L. Beck)

The influence of water interfacial potentials on ion hydration free
energies and density profiles near the surface

Thomas L. Beck

1209.4526 (M. Bier et al.)

The structure of fluids with impurities    [PDF]

M. Bier, L. Harnau

1209.4528 (S. Rosenfeldt et al.)

Patchy worm-like micelles: solution structure studied by small-angle
neutron scattering

S. Rosenfeldt, F. Luedel, C. Schulreich, T. Hellweg, A. Radulescu, J. Schmelz, H. Schmalz, L. Harnau

1209.4529 (Xiongce Zhao)

A Monte Carlo simulation study on the wetting behavior of water on
graphite surface

Xiongce Zhao

1209.4555 (Y. Norizoe et al.)

Molecular simulation of 2-dimensional microphase separation of
single-component homopolymers grafted onto a planar substrate

Y. Norizoe, H. Jinnai, A. Takahara