Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1111.5128 (R. Vetter et al.)

Finite Element Simulation of Dense Wire Packings    [PDF]

R. Vetter, F. K. Wittel, N. Stoop, H. J. Herrmann

1207.0022 (Mitch Mailman et al.)

Consequences of Anomalous Diffusion in Disordered Systems Under Cyclic

Mitch Mailman, Michelle Girvan, Wolfgang Losert

1207.0110 (Baudouin Saintyves et al.)

Bulk elastic fingering instability in Hele-Shaw cells    [PDF]

Baudouin Saintyves, Olivier Dauchot, Elisabeth Bouchaud

1207.0127 (J. Hure et al.)

Stamping and wrinkling of elastic plates    [PDF]

J. Hure, B. Roman, J. Bico

1207.0146 (A. E. Roth et al.)

Bubble statistics and coarsening dynamics for quasi-two dimensional
foams with increasing liquid content

A. E. Roth, C. D. Jones, D. J. Durian

1207.0225 (Jan-Hendrik Prinz et al.)

Spectral rate theory    [PDF]

Jan-Hendrik Prinz, John D. Chodera, Frank Noe

1207.0257 (Heike Emmerich et al.)

Phase-field-crystal models for condensed matter dynamics on atomic
length and diffusive time scales: an overview

Heike Emmerich, Hartmut Löwen, Raphael Wittkowski, Thomas Gruhn, Gyula I. Tóth, György Tegze, László Gránásy

1207.0293 (Alexey A. Polotsky et al.)

Theory of mechanical unfolding of homopolymer globule: all-or-none
transition in force-clamp mode vs phase coexistence in position-clamp mode

Alexey A. Polotsky, Elizaveta E. Smolyakova, Tatiana M. Birshtein

1207.0383 (Majid Mosayebi et al.)

Deformation of inherent structures to detect long-range correlations in
supercooled liquids

Majid Mosayebi, Emanuela Del Gado, Patrick Ilg, Hans Christian Öttinger

1207.0456 (I. M. Neklyudov et al.)

On the structurization of coal dust precipitations and their influence
on aerodynamic resistance by granulated mediums in air filters at nuclear
power plants

I. M. Neklyudov, O. P. Ledenyov, L. I. Fedorova, P. Ya. Poltinin

1207.0531 (Antonio Scala)

Brownian Dynamics Simulation of Polydisperse Hard Spheres    [PDF]

Antonio Scala

1207.0777 (Elisabetta A. Matsumoto et al.)

Patterns on a Roll: A Method for Continuous Feed Nanoprinting    [PDF]

Elisabetta A. Matsumoto, Randall D. Kamien