Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1005.2359 (Sara Jabbari-Farouji et al.)

Random, blocky and alternating ordering in supramolecular polymers of
chemically bidisperse monomers

Sara Jabbari-Farouji, Paul van der Schoot

1109.3277 (Florian Günther et al.)

Lattice Boltzmann simulations of anisotropic particles at liquid

Florian Günther, Florian Janoschek, Stefan Frijters, Jens Harting

1203.5826 (Anne Dominique Cambou et al.)

3-dimensional structure of a sheet crumpled into a ball    [PDF]

Anne Dominique Cambou, Narayanan Menon

1203.5834 (Ismael Fortuna et al.)

Growth laws and self-similar growth regimes of coarsening
two-dimensional foams: Transition from dry to wet limits

Ismael Fortuna, Gilberto L. Thomas, Rita M. C. de Almeida, Francois Graner

1203.5899 (Md. Arif Kamal et al.)

Phase behavior of two-component lipid membranes: theory and experiments    [PDF]

Md. Arif Kamal, Antara Pal, V. A. Raghunathan, Madan Rao

1203.5917 (Sikarin Yoo-Kong et al.)

Theoretical model of DNA conductivity I: The path integral approach    [PDF]

Sikarin Yoo-Kong, Watchara Liewrian

1203.5996 (A. P. F. Atman et al.)

Mechanical response of an inclined frictional granular layer approaching

A. P. F. Atman, P. Claudin, G. Combe, R. Mari

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1011.0521 (Sylvain Bénito et al.)

Non-linear oscillatory rheological properties of a generic continuum
foam model: comparison with experiments and shear-banding predictions

Sylvain Bénito, François Molino, Charles-Henri Bruneau, Thierry Colin, Cyprien Gay

1109.3870 (R. Tsekov et al.)

Capillary pressure of van der Waals liquid nanodrops    [PDF]

R. Tsekov, B. V. Toshev

1111.4132 (Simone Belli et al.)

Depletion-induced biaxial nematic states of boardlike particles    [PDF]

Simone Belli, Marjolein Dijkstra, René van Roij

1201.1563 (Oliviero Andreussi et al.)

Transport properties of room temperature ionic liquids from classical
molecular dynamics

Oliviero Andreussi, Nicola Marzari

1201.2259 (Mitchell A. Berger)

The flow of forces through cellular materials    [PDF]

Mitchell A. Berger

1201.2264 (D. C. Rapaport)

Molecular dynamics simulation of reversibly self-assembling shells in
solution using trapezoidal particles

D. C. Rapaport

1201.4795 (Sara Jabbari-Farouji et al.)

Dynamical heterogeneity in aging colloidal glasses of Laponite    [PDF]

Sara Jabbari-Farouji, Rojman Zargar, Gerard Wegdam, Daniel Bonn

1203.5434 (Arthur Zakinyan et al.)

Dynamics of a dielectric droplet suspended in a magnetic fluid in
electric and magnetic fields

Arthur Zakinyan, Elena Tkacheva, Yury Dikansky

1203.5503 (Rafael Roa et al.)

AC electrokinetics for spherical particles in salt-free concentrated
suspensions including ion size effects

Rafael Roa, Félix Carrique, Emilio Ruiz-Reina

1203.5575 (Manish Kaushal et al.)

Self-Similarity in Electrorheological Behavior    [PDF]

Manish Kaushal, Yogesh M. Joshi

1203.5576 (Bharat Baldewa et al.)

Delayed Yielding in Creep, Time - Stress Superposition and Effective
Time Theory for a Soft Glass

Bharat Baldewa, Yogesh M Joshi

1203.5577 (Rahul Gupta et al.)

Time Temperature Superposition in Soft Glassy Materials    [PDF]

Rahul Gupta, Bharat Baldewa, Yogesh M. Joshi

Monday, March 26, 2012

1108.2912 (Hanif Bayat Movahed et al.)

Free Energy Landscape of Protein-like Chains with Discontinuous

Hanif Bayat Movahed, Ramses van Zon, Jeremy Schofield

1112.0529 (Vladimir Y. Chernyak et al.)

Quantization and Fractional Quantization of Currents in Periodically
Driven Stochastic Systems I: Average Currents

Vladimir Y. Chernyak, John R. Klein, Nikolai A. Sinitsyn

1201.2518 (Osman Kahraman et al.)

Morphogenesis of membrane invaginations in spherical confinement    [PDF]

Osman Kahraman, Norbert Stoop, Martin Michael Mueller

1203.5118 (Huaisong Yong et al.)

Driven polymer translocation through a cylindrical nanochannel:
Interplay between the channel length and the chain length

Huaisong Yong, Yilin Wang, Shichen Yuan, Bi Xu, Kaifu Luo

1203.5215 (Stephan Herminghaus)

Wetting on Random Roughness: the Ubiquity of Wenzel Prewetting    [PDF]

Stephan Herminghaus

1203.5216 (Andrea Fortini)

Clustering and gelation of hard spheres induced by the Pickering effect    [PDF]

Andrea Fortini

1203.5274 (Lukas Bogunovic et al.)

Particle sorting by a structured microfluidic ratchet device with
tunable selectivity: Theory and Experiment

Lukas Bogunovic, Ralf Eichhorn, Jan Regtmeier, Dario Anselmetti, Peter Reimann

1203.5275 (Thiago E. Colla et al.)

Equation of state of charged colloidal suspensions and its dependence on
the thermodynamic route

Thiago E. Colla, Alexandre P. dos Santos, Yan Levin

1203.5318 (Pascal Thebault et al.)

Tailoring Nanostructures Using Copolymer Nanoimprint Lithography    [PDF]

Pascal Thebault, Stefan Niedermayer, Stefan Landis, Nicolas Chaix, Patrick Guenoun, Jean Daillant, Xingkun Man, David Andelman, Henri Orland

Thursday, March 22, 2012

1010.4540 (D. Lucena et al.)

Transition from single-file to two-dimensional diffusion of interacting
particles in a quasi-one-dimensional channel

D. Lucena, D. V. Tkachenko, K. Nelissen, V. R. Misko, W. P. Ferreira, G. A. Farias, F. M. Peeters

1111.4323 (Jean-Charles Walter et al.)

Fractional Brownian motion and the critical dynamics of zipping polymers    [PDF]

Jean-Charles Walter, Alessandro Ferrantini, Enrico Carlon, Carlo Vanderzande

1203.4559 (Gwennou Coupier et al.)

Shape diagram of vesicles in Poiseuille flow    [PDF]

Gwennou Coupier, Alexander Farutin, Christophe Minetti, Thomas Podgorski, Chaouqi Misbah

1203.4589 (Adam B. Hopkins et al.)

Nonequilibrium static diverging length scales on approaching a
prototypical model glassy state

Adam B. Hopkins, Frank H. Stillinger, Sal Torquato

1203.4633 (P. S. Goohpattader et al.)

Random Motion with Interfacial Contact: Driven Diffusion vis-a-vis
Mechanical Activation

P. S. Goohpattader, M. K. Chaudhury

1203.4707 (Carlos E. Alvarez et al.)

Percolation and orientational ordering in systems of magnetic nanorods    [PDF]

Carlos E. Alvarez, Sabine H. L. Klapp

1203.4766 (Chantal Valeriani et al.)

From compact to fractal crystalline clusters in concentrated systems of
monodisperse hard spheres

Chantal Valeriani, Eduardo Sanz, Peter N. Pusey, Wilson C. K. Poon, Michael E. Cates, Emanuela Zaccarelli

1203.4799 (Franck Celestini et al.)

Effect of an electric field on a Leidenfrost droplet    [PDF]

Franck Celestini, G. Kirstetter

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1111.3466 (Frank Smallenburg et al.)

Vacancy-stabilized crystalline order in hard cubes    [PDF]

Frank Smallenburg, Laura Filion, Matthieu Marechal, Marjolein Dijkstra

1203.4243 (Jiajia Zhou et al.)

Dielectric Response of Nanoscopic Spherical Colloids in Alternating
Electric Fields: A Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulation

Jiajia Zhou, Friederike Schmid

1203.4329 (John Gemmer et al.)

Defects and boundary layers in non-Euclidean plates    [PDF]

John Gemmer, Shankar Venkataramani

1203.4333 (Tripti Bameta et al.)

Broad-tailed force distributions and velocity ordering in a
heterogeneous membrane model for collective cell migration

Tripti Bameta, Dipjyoti Das, Sumantra Sarkar, Dibyendu Das, Mandar M. Inamdar

1203.4334 (Xueqing Xing et al.)

Hierarchical structure and biomineralization in cricket tooth    [PDF]

Xueqing Xing, Yu Gong, Quan Cai, Guang Mo, Rong Du, Zhongjun Chen, Zhonghua Wu

1203.4361 (Alvaro G. Marin et al.)

Building micro-soccer-balls with evaporating colloidal fakir drops    [PDF]

Alvaro G. Marin, Arturo Susarrey-Arce, Hanneke Gelderblom, Arie van Houselt, Leon Lefferts, Han Gardeniers, Detlef Lohse, Jacco Snoeijer

1203.4365 (T. Skrbic et al.)

The Role of Non-native Interactions in the Folding of Knotted Proteins    [PDF]

T. Skrbic, C. Micheletti, P. Faccioli

1203.4501 (Kai Zhang et al.)

[N]pT Monte Carlo Simulations of the Cluster-Crystal-Forming Penetrable
Sphere Model

Kai Zhang, Patrick Charbonneau

1203.4537 (Felipe Mondaini et al.)

Markovian Description of Unbiased Polymer Translocation    [PDF]

Felipe Mondaini, L. Moriconi

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1203.3844 (L. A. Bulavin et al.)

Specific Features of Motion of Cations and Anions in Electrolyte

L. A. Bulavin, I. V. Zhyganiuk, M. P. Malomuzh, K. M. Pankratov

1203.3892 (Leticia López-Flores et al.)

Overdamped van Hove function of atomic liquids    [PDF]

Leticia López-Flores, Laura L. Yeomans-Reyna, Magdaleno Medina-Noyola

1203.3893 (Patricia Mendoza-Méndez et al.)

Generalized Langevin Equation for Tracer Diffusion in Atomic Liquids    [PDF]

Patricia Mendoza-Méndez, Leticia López-Flores, Luis E. Sánchez-Díaz, Magdaleno Medina-Noyola

1203.3916 (Rei Tatsumi et al.)

Direct numerical simulation of dispersed particles in a compressible

Rei Tatsumi, Ryoichi Yamamoto

1203.3932 (Kyoung O. Lee et al.)

Euler-Lagrangian dynamics to the physical interpretation with granular
constraints for MD simulations

Kyoung O. Lee, Robin P. Gardner

1203.3938 (Zeinab Sadjadi et al.)

Diffusive transport of light in two-dimensional granular materials    [PDF]

Zeinab Sadjadi, MirFaez Miri

1203.3940 (Zeinab Sadjadi et al.)

Diffusive transport of light in three-dimensional disordered Voronoi

Zeinab Sadjadi, MirFaez Miri, Holger Stark

1203.4055 (H. G. E. Hentschel et al.)

Co-dimension 2 plasticity in magnetoelastic amorphous solids    [PDF]

H. G. E. Hentschel, Valery Ilyin, Itamar Procaccia

1203.4082 (Marco Baiesi et al.)

Fibril elongation mechanisms of HET-s prion-forming domain: Topological
evidence for growth polarity

Marco Baiesi, Flavio Seno, Antonio Trovato

1203.4095 (Takahiro Sakaue et al.)

Dragging a polymer in a viscous fluid: steady-state and transient    [PDF]

Takahiro Sakaue, Takuya Saito, Hirofumi Wada

1203.4118 (S. A. Khrapak et al.)

Fluid-solid phase transitions in 3D complex plasmas under microgravity

S. A. Khrapak, B. A. Klumov, P. Huber, V. I. Molotkov, A. M. Lipaev, V. N. Naumkin, A. V. Ivlev, H. M. Thomas, M. Schwabe, G. E. Morfill, O. F. Petrov, V. E. Fortov, Yu. Malentschenko, S. Volkov

1203.4195 (Marco Zoli)

Anharmonic stacking in supercoiled DNA    [PDF]

Marco Zoli

Monday, March 19, 2012

1203.3571 (Pierre Bohec et al.)

Probing active forces via a fluctuation-dissipation relation    [PDF]

Pierre Bohec, François Gallet, Christian Maes, Soghra Safaverdi, Paolo Visco, Frédéric Van Wijland

1203.3577 (Flavio Romano et al.)

The effect of topology on the structure and free energy landscape of DNA
kissing complexes

Flavio Romano, Alex Hudson, Jonathan P. K. Doye, Thomas E. Ouldridge, Ard A. Louis

1203.3634 (Shuman Xia et al.)

Toughening and asymmetry in peeling of heterogeneous adhesives    [PDF]

Shuman Xia, Laurent Ponson, Guruswami Ravichandran, Kaushik Bhattacharya

1203.3669 (D. Wilms et al.)

Langevin Dynamics simulations of a 2-dimensional colloidal crystal under
confinement and shear

D. Wilms, P. Virnau, S. Sengupta, K. Binder

1203.3716 (Debabrata Deb et al.)

Simulation of fluid-solid coexistence in finite volumes: A method to
study the properties of wall-attached crystalline nuclei

Debabrata Deb, Alexander Winkler, Peter Virnau, Kurt Binder

1203.3738 (Morten Grøva)

Capillary Network Model: Capillary Power and Effective Permeability    [PDF]

Morten Grøva

1203.3756 (M. Oettel)

Mode expansion for the density profile of crystal-fluid interfaces: Hard
spheres as a test case

M. Oettel

Friday, March 16, 2012

1108.1141 (Carsten Svaneborg et al.)

A Formalism for Scattering of Complex Composite Structures. 2
Distributed Reference Points

Carsten Svaneborg, Jan Skov Pedersen

1109.5099 (W. Yang et al.)

Using self-driven microswimmers for particle separation    [PDF]

W. Yang, V. R. Misko, K. Nelissen, M. Kong, F. M. Peeters

1203.3204 (Joerg Enderlein)

Polymer dynamics, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, and the limits
of optical resolution

Joerg Enderlein

1203.3212 (Esaias J Janse van Rensburg et al.)

The Compressibility of Minimal Lattice Knots    [PDF]

Esaias J Janse van Rensburg, Andrew Rechnitzer

1203.3221 (Daniel Rings et al.)

Rotational hot Brownian motion    [PDF]

Daniel Rings, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Klaus Kroy

1203.3248 (S. K. Nechaev et al.)

On topological transition in a Random Interval Model of RNA-like chains    [PDF]

S. K. Nechaev, A. N. Sobolevski, O. V. Valba

1203.3364 (S. Dagois-Bohy et al.)

Soft Sphere Packings at Finite Pressure but Unstable to Shear    [PDF]

S. Dagois-Bohy, B. P. Tighe, J. Simon, S. Henkes, M. van Hecke

1203.3373 (A. Mughal et al.)

Dense packings of spheres in cylinders I. Simulations    [PDF]

A. Mughal, H. K. Chan, D. Weaire, S. Hutzler

1203.3411 (Brian P. Tighe)

Floppiness, cutting, and freezing: Dynamic critical scaling near

Brian P. Tighe

1203.3441 (Marc Radu et al.)

Hydrodynamic interactions of colloidal spheres under shear flow    [PDF]

Marc Radu, Tanja Schilling

1203.3448 (José R. Bordin et al.)

Diffusion Enhancement in Core-softened fluid confined in nanotubes    [PDF]

José R. Bordin, Alan B. de Oliveira, Alexandre Diehl, Marcia C. Barbosa

Thursday, March 15, 2012

1004.3116 (Praveen Chaddah et al.)

Magnetic Glass formed by kinetic arrest of first order phase transitions    [PDF]

Praveen Chaddah, Alok Banerjee

1111.2350 (M. Schick)

Membrane Heterogeneity: Manifestation of a Curvature-Induced

M. Schick

1111.5441 (O. Henrich et al.)

Confined Cubic Blue Phases under Shear    [PDF]

O. Henrich, K. Stratford, D. Marenduzzo, P. V. Coveney, M. E. Cates

1112.3251 (O. Henrich et al.)

Rheology of Lamellar Liquid Crystals in Two and Three Dimensions: A
Simulation Study

O. Henrich, K. Stratford, D. Marenduzzo, P. V. Coveney, M. E. Cates

1112.6034 (Takuya Saito et al.)

Process Time Distribution of Driven Polymer Transport    [PDF]

Takuya Saito, Takahiro Sakaue

1203.2737 (Jeremy Schofield et al.)

Modeling of solvent flow effects in enzyme catalysis under physiological

Jeremy Schofield, Paul Inder, Raymond Kapral

1203.2748 (Mattaparthi Venkata Satish Kumar et al.)

Structure of DNA-Functionalized Dendrimer Nanoparticles    [PDF]

Mattaparthi Venkata Satish Kumar, Prabal K Maiti

1203.2751 (David Speer et al.)

Anisotropic diffusion in square lattice potentials: giant enhancement
and control

David Speer, Ralf Eichhorn, Peter Reimann

1203.2770 (Sebastian Getfert et al.)

Hidden multiple bond effects in dynamic force spectroscopy    [PDF]

Sebastian Getfert, Peter Reimann

1203.2831 (Hans-Karl Janssen et al.)

Scaling exponents for a monkey on a tree - fractal dimensions of
randomly branched polymers

Hans-Karl Janssen, Olaf Stenull

1203.2857 (Andreas Härtel et al.)

Tension and stiffness of the hard sphere crystal-fluid interface    [PDF]

Andreas Härtel, Martin Oettel, Roberto E. Rozas, Stefan U. Egelhaaf, Jürgen Horbach, Hartmut Löwen

1203.3005 (Dmitry V. Matyushov)

On the Theory of Dielectric Spectroscopy of Protein Solutions    [PDF]

Dmitry V. Matyushov

1203.3122 (Yuri N. Obukhov et al.)

Relativistic Lagrangian model of a nematic liquid crystal    [PDF]

Yuri N. Obukhov, Tomas Ramos, Guillermo F. Rubilar

1203.3151 (W. T. Lee et al.)

Ordering of block copolymer microstructures in corner geometries    [PDF]

W. T. Lee, N. Delaney, M. Vynnycky, M. A. Morris

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1108.5366 (José Rafael Bordin et al.)

Ion fluxes through nano-pores and transmembrane channels    [PDF]

José Rafael Bordin, Alexandre Diehl, Marcia C. Barbosa, Yan Levin

1110.2617 (François Gay-Balmaz et al.)

Euler-Poincaré approaches to nematodynamics    [PDF]

François Gay-Balmaz, Tudor S. Ratiu, Cesare Tronci

1203.2285 (Sahin Buyukdagli et al.)

Dipolar depletion effect on the differential capacitance of carbon based

Sahin Buyukdagli, Tapio Ala-Nissila

1203.2341 (Hajime Yoshino)

Replica theory of the rigidity of structural glasses    [PDF]

Hajime Yoshino

1203.2425 (Kyohei Takae et al.)

Structural phase transition and orientation-strain glass formation in
anisotropic particle systems with impurities in two dimensions

Kyohei Takae, Akira Onuki

1203.2450 (A. Iomin)

A toy model of fractal glioma development under RF electric field

A. Iomin

1203.2493 (Thomas Speck et al.)

Random pinning limits the size of membrane adhesion domains    [PDF]

Thomas Speck, Richard L. C. Vink

Monday, March 12, 2012

1203.1945 (Sandip Ghosal)

Electrokinetic-flow-induced viscous drag on a tethered DNA inside a

Sandip Ghosal

1203.1953 (S. Ghosal et al.)

Electromigration dispersion in a capillary in the presence of
electro-osmotic flow

S. Ghosal, Z. Chen

1203.1965 (J. S. Langer et al.)

Glass Dynamics at High Strain Rates    [PDF]

J. S. Langer, Takeshi Egami

1203.2127 (D. Fragiadakis et al.)

Molecular dynamics simulations of the Johari-Goldstein relaxation in a
molecular liquid

D. Fragiadakis, C. M. Roland

1203.2130 (Nitin Kumar et al.)

Oscillatory settling in wormlike-micelle solutions: bursts and a long
time scale

Nitin Kumar, Sayantan Majumdar, Aditya Sood, Rama Govindarajan, Sriram Ramaswamy, A. K. Sood

1203.2145 (Ignacio Urrutia et al.)

Few particles confined in an open pore    [PDF]

Ignacio Urrutia, Gabriela Castelletti

Friday, March 9, 2012

1203.1654 (Robert W. Style et al.)

Wetting on deformable substrates, from liquids to stiff solids    [PDF]

Robert W. Style, Eric R. Dufresne

1203.1697 (Shen Wang et al.)

Evaporation of tiny water aggregation on solid surfaces of different
wetting properties

Shen Wang, Yusong Tu, Rongzheng Wan, Haiping Fang

1203.1732 (Alex Malins et al.)

Identification of long-lived clusters and their link to slow dynamics in
a model glass former

Alex Malins, Jens Eggers, C. Patrick Royall, Stephen R. Williams, Hajime Tanaka

1203.1785 (Gregor Diezemann)

Nonlinear response theory for Markov processes: Simple models for glassy

Gregor Diezemann

1203.1789 (Hamza Chraibi et al.)

Thermocapillary flows and interface deformations produced by localized
laser heating in confined environment

Hamza Chraibi, Jean-Pierre Delville

1203.1874 (Gerardo G. Naumis)

A simple solvable energy landscape model that shows a thermodynamic
phase transition and a glass transition

Gerardo G. Naumis

1203.1899 (Yanpeng Yao et al.)

Analyzing the frequency shift of physiadsorbed CO2 in metal organic
framework materials

Yanpeng Yao, Nour Nijem, Jing Li, Yves J. Chabal, David C. Langreth, T. Thonhauser

1203.1910 (Weikang Chen et al.)

Molecular dynamics simulations of the evaporation of particle-laden

Weikang Chen, Joel Koplik, Ilona Kretzschmar

Thursday, March 8, 2012

1111.6197 (Antonio Scala)

Event Driven Langevin simulations of Hard Spheres    [PDF]

Antonio Scala

1203.1409 (Manoel Manghi et al.)

Hydrodynamic effects in driven soft matter    [PDF]

Manoel Manghi, Xaver Schlagberger, Yong-Woon Kim, Roland R. Netz

1203.1420 (Veniamin Blinov)

Local orientational order in the Stockmayer liquid    [PDF]

Veniamin Blinov

1203.1516 (François Ladieu et al.)

Nonlinear dielectric susceptibilities in supercooled liquids: a toy

François Ladieu, Coralie Brun, Denis L'Hôte

1203.1532 (Stephan Ulrich et al.)

Stability of freely falling granular streams    [PDF]

Stephan Ulrich, Annette Zippelius

1203.1546 (Jelena Pesic et al.)

Structural Responses of Quasi-2D Colloid Fluids to Excitations Elicited
by Nonequilibrium Perturbations

Jelena Pesic, Xinliang Xu, Joseph Zsolt Terdik, Alejandro Lopez, Stuart A. Rice, Aaron R. Dinner, Norbert F. Scherer

1203.1549 (Miguel Lagos et al.)

Evidence of a two--dimensional grain sliding regime in the plastic
deformation of micron and sub--micron films

Miguel Lagos, Víctor Conte, Michel Ignat

1203.1565 (J. Paturej. A. Milchev et al.)

Polymer Detachment Kinetics from Adsorbing Surface: Theory, Simulation
and Similarity to Infiltration into Porous Medium

J. Paturej. A. Milchev, V. G. Rostiashvili, T. A. Vilgis

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1201.3265 (Yair Shokef et al.)

Scaling laws for the response of nonlinear elastic media with
implications for cell mechanics

Yair Shokef, Samuel A. Safran

1203.0593 (Shunsuke Yabunaka et al.)

Self-propelled motion of a fluid droplet under chemical reaction    [PDF]

Shunsuke Yabunaka, Takao Ohta, Natsuhiko Yoshinaga

1203.0663 (Koki Yoshizawa et al.)

Phase separation in binary colloids with charge asymmetry    [PDF]

Koki Yoshizawa, Nao Wakabayashi, Masakatsu Yonese, Junpei Yamanaka, C. Patrick Royall

1203.0664 (C. Patrick Royall et al.)

The role of quench rate in colloidal gels    [PDF]

C. Patrick Royall, Alex Malins

1203.0680 (Arthur Zakinyan et al.)

Motion of a deformable drop of magnetic fluid on a solid surface in a
rotating magnetic field

Arthur Zakinyan, Oksana Nechaeva, Yury Dikansky

1203.0776 (A. W. Chin et al.)

Vibrational structures and long-lasting electronic coherence    [PDF]

A. W. Chin, J. Prior, R. Rosenbach, F. Caycedo-Soler, S. F. Huelga, M. B. Plenio

1203.0825 (Atsushi Ikeda et al.)

Unified study of glass and jamming rheology in soft particle systems    [PDF]

Atsushi Ikeda, Ludovic Berthier, Peter Sollich

1203.0842 (Geoffroy Kirstetter et al.)

Jet impact on a soap film    [PDF]

Geoffroy Kirstetter, Christophe Raufaste, Franck Celestini

1203.0858 (Sebastian Jaeger et al.)

Non-equilibrium condensation and coarsening of field-driven dipolar

Sebastian Jaeger, Heiko Schmidle, Sabine H. L. Klapp

1203.0951 (Laurence Ramos et al.)

Structural Signature of a Brittle-to-Ductile Transition in
Self-Assembled Networks

Laurence Ramos, Arnaud Laperrousaz, Philippe Dieudonne, Christian Ligoure

1203.0982 (Bing-Sui Lu et al.)

Phenomenological Theory of Isotropic-Genesis Nematic Elastomers    [PDF]

Bing-Sui Lu, Fangfu Ye, Xiangjun Xing, Paul M. Goldbart

Monday, March 5, 2012

1203.0134 (Santi Prestipino)

On the accuracy of the melting curves drawn from modelling a solid as an
elastic medium

Santi Prestipino

1203.0148 (Panagiotis E. Theodorakis et al.)

A study for the static properties of symmetric linear multiblock
copolymers under poor solvent conditions

Panagiotis E. Theodorakis, Nikolaos G. Fytas

1203.0206 (Martin Chaplin)

Self-generation of colligative properties at hydrophilic surfaces    [PDF]

Martin Chaplin

1203.0266 (F. Vega Reyes et al.)

Steady base states for non-Newtonian granular hydrodynamics    [PDF]

F. Vega Reyes, A. Santos, V. Garzó

1203.0271 (Anil Kumar Dasanna et al.)

Strand diffusion-limited closure of denaturation bubbles in DNA    [PDF]

Anil Kumar Dasanna, Nicolas Destainville, John Palmeri, Manoel Manghi

1203.0410 (E. Grace Kim et al.)

Field-Induced Breakup of Emulsion Droplets Stabilized by Colloidal

E. Grace Kim, Kevin Stratford, Paul S. Clegg, Michael E. Cates

Thursday, March 1, 2012

1111.0155 (Saroj Kumar Nandi et al.)

The mode-coupling glass transition in a fluid confined by a periodic

Saroj Kumar Nandi, Sarika Maitra Bhattacharyya, Sriram Ramaswamy

1202.6582 (Cunjing Lv et al.)

Driving Droplets by Curvi-Propulsion    [PDF]

Cunjing Lv, Chao Chen, Yin-Chuan Chuang, Fan-Gang Tseng, Yajun Yin, Francois Grey, Quanshui Zheng

1202.6448 (M. B. Andersen et al.)

Current-induced membrane discharge    [PDF]

M. B. Andersen, M. van Soestbergen, A. Mani, H. Bruus, P. M. Biesheuvel, M. Z. Bazant

1202.6466 (Anne-Caroline Genix et al.)

Modeling of Intermediate Structures and Chain Conformation in
Silica-Latex Nanocomposites Observed by SANS During Annealing

Anne-Caroline Genix, Mouna TATOU, Ainara Imaz, Jacqueline Forcada, Ralph Schweins, Isabelle Grillo, Julian Oberdisse

1202.6474 (Stefano Buzzaccaro et al.)

Equilibrium concentration profiles and sedimentation kinetics of
colloidal gels under gravitational stress

Stefano Buzzaccaro, Eleonora Secchi, Giovanni Brambilla, R. Piazza, Luca Cipelletti

1202.6547 (Sarah Mohammadinejad et al.)

Chiral Structure of F-actin Bundle Formed by Multivalent Counterions?    [PDF]

Sarah Mohammadinejad, Ramin Golestanian, Hossein Fazli

1202.6563 (R. M. W. van Bijnen et al.)

Texture and shape of two-dimensional domains of nematic liquid crystal    [PDF]

R. M. W. van Bijnen, R. H. J. Otten, P. van der Schoot

1202.6644 (K. Wolff et al.)

Cytoplasmic streaming in plant cells: the role of wall slip    [PDF]

K. Wolff, D. Marenduzzo, M. E. Cates