Thursday, February 28, 2013

1302.6630 (Phil Attard)

More Reliable Measurements of the Slip Length with the Atomic Force

Phil Attard

1302.6732 (Sumesh P. Thampi et al.)

Velocity Correlations in an Active Nematic    [PDF]

Sumesh P. Thampi, Ramin Golestanian, Julia M. Yeomans

1302.6734 (Tomohiko G. Sano et al.)

Jet-induced jammed states of granular jet impacts    [PDF]

Tomohiko G. Sano, Hisao Hayakawa

1302.6767 (A. Cavalli et al.)

Topology optimization of robust superhydrophobic surfaces    [PDF]

A. Cavalli, P. Bøggild, F. Okkels

1302.6891 (Dapeng Bi et al.)

Fluctuations in Shear-Jammed States: A Statistical Ensemble Approach    [PDF]

Dapeng Bi, Jie Zhang, R. P. Behringer, Bulbul Chakraborty

1302.6987 (Song-Chuan Zhao et al.)

Measuring the configurational temperature of a binary disc packing    [PDF]

Song-Chuan Zhao, Matthias Schröter

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1302.6272 (Adam P. Willard et al.)

Characterizing heterogeneous dynamics at hydrated electrode surfaces    [PDF]

Adam P. Willard, David T. Limmer, Paul A. Madden, David Chandler

1302.6306 (Guo Chen et al.)

Coalescence of Pickering emulsion droplets induced by an electric field    [PDF]

Guo Chen, Peng Tan, Shuyu Chen, Jiping Huang, Weijia Wen, Lei Xu

1302.6323 (Anna R. Schneider et al.)

Coexistence between fluid and crystalline phases of proteins in
photosynthetic membranes

Anna R. Schneider, Phillip L. Geissler

1302.6385 (Peter Olsson)

Relaxation and Rheology in Dense Athermal Suspensions    [PDF]

Peter Olsson

1302.6388 (Ikuo S. Sogami)

Long-range attractive tail of colloid interaction    [PDF]

Ikuo S. Sogami

1302.6405 (Ho-Kei Chan)

A hybrid helical structure of hard sphere packing from sequential

Ho-Kei Chan

1302.6518 (Davide Fiocco et al.)

Oscillatory athermal quasi-static deformation of a model glass    [PDF]

Davide Fiocco, Giuseppe Foffi, Srikanth Sastry

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1302.5730 (O. M. Yefanov et al.)

Orientation Determination in Single Particle X-ray Coherent Diffraction
Imaging Experiments

O. M. Yefanov, I. A. Vartanyants

1302.5787 (Felix Kümmel et al.)

Circular motion of asymmetric self-propelling particles    [PDF]

Felix Kümmel, Borge ten Hagen, Raphael Wittkowski, Ivo Buttinoni, Giovanni Volpe, Hartmut Löwen, Clemens Bechinger

1302.5845 (Pedro A. Sánchez et al.)

Effects of the dipolar interaction on the equilibrium morphologies of a
single supramolecular magnetic filament in bulk

Pedro A. Sánchez, Joan J. Cerdà, Tomás Sintes, Christian Holm

1302.5897 (Joan J. Cerdà et al.)

Phase diagram for a single flexible magnetic filament in a poor solvent
at zero field

Joan J. Cerdà, Pedro A. Sánchez, Christian Holm, Tomàs Sintes

1302.5924 (Xavier Grandchamp et al.)

Lift and down-gradient shear-induced diffusion in Red Blood Cell

Xavier Grandchamp, Gwennou Coupier, Aparna Srivastav, Christophe Minetti, Thomas Podgorski

1302.5939 (Mehdi Khodayari et al.)

Floating Electrode Electrowetting on Hydrophobic Dielectric with an SiO2

Mehdi Khodayari, Benjamin Hahne, Nathan B. Crane, Alex A. Volinsky

1302.5948 (Shaikh M. Shamid et al.)

Statistical mechanics of bend flexoelectricity and the twist-bend phase
in bent-core liquid crystals

Shaikh M. Shamid, Subas Dhakal, Jonathan V. Selinger

1302.5952 (L. Giomi et al.)

Swarming, swirling and stasis in sequestered bristle-bots    [PDF]

L. Giomi, N. Hawley-Weld, L. Mahadevan

1302.5993 (D. V. Vlasov et al.)

On the specifics of the electrical conductivity anomalies in PVC

D. V. Vlasov, L. A. Apresyan

1302.6052 (Abhishek Kumar et al.)

Actomyosin contractility rotates the cell nucleus    [PDF]

Abhishek Kumar, Ananyo Maitra, Madhuresh Sumit, Sriram Ramaswamy, G. V. Shivashankar

1302.6152 (Evan Hohlfeld)

Coexistence of scale invariant states in a scale free system    [PDF]

Evan Hohlfeld

1302.6176 (Andrea Cavalli et al.)

Modelling unidirectional liquid spreading on slanted microposts    [PDF]

Andrea Cavalli, Matthew L. Blow, Julia M. Yeomans

Friday, February 22, 2013

1302.5105 (Ross L. Hatton et al.)

Geometric visualization of self-propulsion in a complex medium    [PDF]

Ross L. Hatton, Yang Ding, Howie Choset, Daniel I. Goldman

1302.5118 (Marco Di Stefano et al.)

Colocalization of coregulated genes: a steered molecular dynamics study
of human chromosome 19

Marco Di Stefano, Angelo Rosa, Vincenzo Belcastro, Diego di Bernardo, Cristian Micheletti

1302.5136 (Andrzej Grzybowski et al.)

Dynamic heterogeneity of glass-forming liquids in the density scaling

Andrzej Grzybowski, Kajetan Koperwas, Karolina Kolodziejczyk, Katarzyna Grzybowska, Marian Paluch

1302.5151 (Jay D. Schieber et al.)

Correction of Doi-Edwards' Green Function for a Chain in a Harmonic
Potential and its Implication for the Stress-Optical Rule

Jay D. Schieber, Tsutomu Indei

1302.5220 (Michel Destrade et al.)

Bending instabilities of soft tissues    [PDF]

Michel Destrade, Aisling Ni Annaidh, Ciprian Coman

1302.5263 (Ulf R. Pedersen et al.)

Computing Gibbs free energy differences by interface pinning    [PDF]

Ulf R. Pedersen, Felix Hummel, Georg Kresse, Gerhard Kahl, Christoph Dellago

1302.5277 (Jörn Dunkel et al.)

Fluid dynamics of bacterial turbulence    [PDF]

Jörn Dunkel, Sebastian Heidenreich, Knut Drescher, Henricus H. Wensink, Markus Bär, Raymond E. Goldstein

1302.5323 (Nikolay V. Alekseechkin)

Kinetics of Vapor Bubbles Nucleation in a Liquid with Arbitrary

Nikolay V. Alekseechkin

1302.5335 (Patrick B. Warren et al.)

Phase behaviour and the random phase approximation for ultrasoft
restricted primitive models

Patrick B. Warren, Andrew J. Masters

Thursday, February 21, 2013

1302.4868 (Ludovic Berthier et al.)

Nonequilibrium glass transitions in driven and active matter    [PDF]

Ludovic Berthier, Jorge Kurchan

1302.4884 (Tamás Pusztai et al.)

Spiraling eutectic dendrites    [PDF]

Tamás Pusztai, László Rátkai, Attila Szállás, László Gránásy

1302.4997 (Shibi Thomas et al.)

Probability of the emergence of helical precipitation patterns in the
wake of reaction-diffusion fronts

Shibi Thomas, Istvan Lagzi, Ferenc Molnar Jr, Zoltan Racz

1302.5025 (Jean-Francois Joanny et al.)

The actin cortex as an active wetting layer    [PDF]

Jean-Francois Joanny, Karsten Kruse, Jacques Prost, Sriram Ramaswamy

1302.5029 (Francis W. Starr et al.)

The Relationship of Dynamical Heterogeneity to the Adam-Gibbs and Random
First-Order Transition Theories of Glass Formation

Francis W. Starr, Jack F. Douglas, Srikanth Sastry

1302.5048 (A. A. Volkov et al.)

Proton Electrodynamics in Liquid Water    [PDF]

A. A. Volkov, V. G. Artemov, A. V. Pronin

1302.5061 (Van Duc Nguyen et al.)

Controlling colloidal phase transitions with critical Casimir forces    [PDF]

Van Duc Nguyen, Suzanne Faber, Zhibing Hu, Gerard H. Wegdam, Peter Schall

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1302.4541 (Shuxi Dai et al.)

Electrochemical Deposition of ZnO Hierarchical Nanostructures from
Hydrogel Coated Electrodes

Shuxi Dai, Yinyong Li, Zuliang Du, Kenneth R. Carter

1302.4551 (P. M. Derlet et al.)

Linking high and low temperature plasticity in bulk metallic glasses:
thermal activation, extreme value statistics and kinetic freezing

P. M. Derlet, R. Maaß

1302.4555 (Zaki Abiza et al.)

Large acoustoelastic effect    [PDF]

Zaki Abiza, Michel Destrade, Ray W. Ogden

1302.4556 (Michel Destrade et al.)

On stress-dependent elastic moduli and wave speeds    [PDF]

Michel Destrade, Ray W. Ogden

1302.4563 (Maximilien Levesque et al.)

Structure and dynamics in yttrium-based molten rare earth alkali

Maximilien Levesque, Vincent Sarou-Kanian, Mathieu Salanne, Mallory Gobet, Henri Groult, Catherine Bessada, Paul A. Madden, Anne-Laure Rollet

1302.4674 (A. V. Plyukhin)

Brownian diode: Molecular motor based on a semi-permeable Brownian
particle with internal potential drop

A. V. Plyukhin

1302.4696 (Greg Lever et al.)

Electrostatic considerations affecting the calculated HOMO-LUMO gap in
protein molecules

Greg Lever, Daniel J Cole, Nicholas D M Hine, Peter D Haynes, Mike C Payne

1302.4698 (N. Boechler et al.)

Interaction of a Contact Resonance of Microspheres with Surface Acoustic

N. Boechler, J. K. Eliason, A. Kumar, A. A. Maznev, K. A. Nelson, N. Fang

1302.4724 (Martin Castelnovo et al.)

Entropic control of particle sizes during viral self-assembly    [PDF]

Martin Castelnovo, Delphine Muriaux, Cendrine Faivre-Moskalenko

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1302.3914 (M. Ballauff et al.)

Residual Stresses in Glasses    [PDF]

M. Ballauff, J. M. Brader, S. U. Egelhaaf, M. Fuchs, J. Horbach, N. Koumakis, M. Krüger, M. Laurati, K. J. Mutch, G. Petekidis, M. Siebenbürger, Th. Voigtmann, J. Zausch

1302.3937 (V. B. Bobrov et al.)

Metal - non-metal transition and the second critical point in expanded

V. B. Bobrov, S. A. Trigger, A. G. Zagorodny

1302.3990 (Edan Lerner et al.)

Low-energy non-linear excitations in sphere packings    [PDF]

Edan Lerner, Gustavo Düring, Matthieu Wyart

1302.3996 (C. Nadir Kaplan et al.)

Intrinsic curvature determines the crinkled edges of "crenellated disks"    [PDF]

C. Nadir Kaplan, Thomas Gibaud, Robert B. Meyer

1302.3999 (Pierre Recho et al.)

Mechanotaxis and cell motility    [PDF]

Pierre Recho, Thibault Putelat, Lev Truskinovsky

1302.4002 (Pierre Recho et al.)

An asymmetry between pushing and pulling for crawling cells    [PDF]

Pierre Recho, Lev Truskinovsky

1302.4102 (M. Brust et al.)

Rheology of human blood plasma: Viscoelastic versus Newtonian behavior    [PDF]

M. Brust, C. Schaefer, L. Pan, M. Garcia, P. E. Arratia, C Wagner

1302.4223 (I. M. Neklyudov et al.)

Influence by small dispersive coal dust particles of different
fractional consistence on characteristics of iodine air filter at nuclear
power plant

I. M. Neklyudov, O. P. Ledenyov, L. I. Fedorova, P. Ya. Poltinin

1302.4271 (Atsushi Ikeda et al.)

Disentangling glass and jamming physics in the rheology of soft

Atsushi Ikeda, Ludovic Berthier, Peter Sollich

1302.4313 (N J Watson et al.)

Post-processing of polymer foam tissue scaffolds with high power
ultrasound: a route to increased pore interconnectivity, pore size and fluid

N J Watson, R K Johal, Y Reinwald, L J White, A M Ghaemmaghami, S P Morgan, F R A J Rose, M J W Povey, N G Parker

Friday, February 15, 2013

1302.3258 (Clara Mattner et al.)

The frequency-dependence of nonlinear conductivity in disordered
systems: an analytically solvable model

Clara Mattner, Bernhard Roling, Andreas Heuer

1302.3286 (Leticia López-Flores et al.)

Molecular-Brownian Correspondence in the Hard-sphere Dynamic
Universality Class

Leticia López-Flores, Martín Chávez-Páez, Magdaleno Medina-Noyola

1302.3335 (Xavier Illa et al.)

Transient Shear Banding in Time-dependent Fluids    [PDF]

Xavier Illa, Antti Puisto, Arttu Lehtinen, Mikael Mohtaschemi, Mikko J. Alava

1302.3340 (François Boulogne et al.)

How to reduce the crack density in drying colloidal material?    [PDF]

François Boulogne, Frédérique Giorgiutti-Dauphiné, Ludovic Pauchard

1302.3482 (D. J. Lee)

The effect of undulations on Spontaneous Braid formation    [PDF]

D. J. Lee

1302.3529 (F. Leonforte)

From Inherent Structures Deformation to Elastic Heterogeneities    [PDF]

F. Leonforte

Thursday, February 14, 2013

1302.2968 (Florian Evers et al.)

Particle dynamics in two-dimensional random energy landscapes -
experiments and simulations

Florian Evers, Richard D. L. Hanes, Christoph Zunke, Joerg Bewerunge, Imad Ladadwa, Andreas Heuer, Stefan U. Egelhaaf

1302.2979 (Gia-Wei Chern et al.)

Frustrated colloidal ordering and fully packed loops in arrays of
optical traps

Gia-Wei Chern, C. Reichhardt, C. J. Olson Reichhardt

1302.3022 (Aisling Ni Annaidh et al.)

Characterising the Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of Excised Human

Aisling Ni Annaidh, Karine Bruyere, Michel Destrade, Michael D. Gilchrist, Melanie Ottenio

1302.3049 (D. A. Head et al.)

Local mechanical response in semiflexible polymer networks subjected to
an axisymmetric prestress

D. A. Head, D. Mizuno

1302.3094 (T. Neuhaus et al.)

Rhombic preordering on a square substrate    [PDF]

T. Neuhaus, M. Marechal, M. Schmiedeberg, H. Löwen

1302.3131 (K. Trachenko et al.)

Duality of liquids    [PDF]

K. Trachenko, V. V. Brazhkin

1302.3159 (Simon Čopar et al.)

Singular Values, Nematic Disclinations, and Emergent Biaxiality    [PDF]

Simon Čopar, Mark R. Dennis, Randall D. Kamien, Slobodan Žumer

1302.3216 (Anthony J. Clark et al.)

Thermodynamic consistency in variable-level coarse-graining of polymeric

Anthony J. Clark, Jay McCarty, Ivan Y. Lyubimov, Marina G. Guenza

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1302.2735 (Michel Destrade et al.)

Slight compressibility and sensitivity to changes in Poisson's ratio    [PDF]

Michel Destrade, Michael D. Gilchrist, Julie Motherway, Jerry G. Murphy

1302.2798 (Jose Alvarado et al.)

Molecular motors robustly drive active gels to a critically connected

Jose Alvarado, Michael Sheinman, Abhinav Sharma, Fred C. MacKintosh, Gijsje H. Koenderink

1302.2833 (F Piguet et al.)

Translocation of short and long polymers through an interacting pore    [PDF]

F Piguet, D P Foster

1302.2858 (Ratul Dasgupta et al.)

Micro-alloying and the Toughness of Glasses: Modeling with Pinned

Ratul Dasgupta, Pankaj Mishra, Itamar Procaccia, Konrad Samwer

1302.2896 (Thomas O. E. Skinner et al.)

Localization dynamics of fluids in random confinement    [PDF]

Thomas O. E. Skinner, Simon K. Schnyder, Dirk G. A. L. Aarts, Juergen Horbach, Roel P. A. Dullens

1302.2900 (Yun-Da Hsieh et al.)

Finite-size scaling method for the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless

Yun-Da Hsieh, Ying-Jer Kao, A. W. Sandvik

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1302.2214 (Vincent Démery)

Diffusion of a weak thermal Casimir particle    [PDF]

Vincent Démery

1302.2280 (Vladimir Lobaskin et al.)

Collective dynamics in systems of active Brownian particles with
dissipative interactions

Vladimir Lobaskin, Maksym Romenskyy

1302.2287 (Arthur A. Evans et al.)

Fluid transport by active elastic membranes    [PDF]

Arthur A. Evans, Eric Lauga

1302.2288 (Arthur A. Evans et al.)

Orientational order in concentrated suspensions of spherical

Arthur A. Evans, Takuji Ishikawa, Takami Yamaguchi, Eric Lauga

1302.2289 (Arthur A. Evans et al.)

High-energy deformation of filaments with internal structure and
localized torque-induced melting of DNA

Arthur A. Evans, Alex J. Levine

1302.2314 (Marco Zoli)

Modeling DNA Dynamics by Path Integrals    [PDF]

Marco Zoli

1302.2411 (Michel Destrade et al.)

Simple shear is not so simple    [PDF]

Michel Destrade, Jerry G. Murphy, Giuseppe Saccomandi

1302.2473 (Riccardo Fantoni et al.)

The restricted primitive model of ionic fluids with nonadditive

Riccardo Fantoni, Giorgio Pastore

1302.2495 (Hao Tu et al.)

Instability of flat disks with respect to the formation of twisted
ribbons in smectic-A monolayers

Hao Tu, Robert A. Pelcovits

1302.2511 (C. B. O'Donovan et al.)

Mean-field granocentric approach in 2D & 3D polydisperse, frictionless

C. B. O'Donovan, E. I. Corwin, M. E. Möbius

1302.2561 (K. L. Ngai et al.)

An Explanation of the Differences in Diffusivity of the Components of
the Metallic Glass Pd43Cu27Ni10P20

K. L. Ngai, S. Capaccioli

1302.2566 (K. L. Ngai et al.)

Origin of Ultrafast Ag Radiotracer Diffusion in Shear Bands of Deformed
Bulk Metallic Glass Pd40Ni40P20

K. L. Ngai, Hai Bin Yu

1302.2592 (Aleks Reinhardt et al.)

Computing phase diagrams for a quasicrystal-forming patchy-particle

Aleks Reinhardt, Flavio Romano, Jonathan P. K. Doye

Monday, February 11, 2013

1302.1894 (Tobias A. Kesselring et al.)

Finite-size scaling investigation of the liquid-liquid critical point in
ST2 water and its stability with respect to crystallization

Tobias A. Kesselring, Erik Lascaris, Giancarlo Franzese, Sergey V. Buldyrev, Hans J. Herrmann, H. Eugene Stanley

1302.1961 (Moniba Shams et al.)

Initial stresses in elastic solids: Constitutive laws and

Moniba Shams, Michel Destrade, Ray W. Ogden

1302.2003 (Silvio a Beccara et al.)

Folding Pathways of a Knotted Protein with a Realistic Atomistic Force

Silvio a Beccara, Tatjana Skrbic, Roberto Covino, Cristian Micheletti, Pietro Faccioli

1302.2029 (Fabian Dörfler et al.)

Stability of thin liquid films and sessile droplets under confinement    [PDF]

Fabian Dörfler, Markus Rauscher, S. Dietrich

1302.2030 (C. P. Amann et al.)

Stress-strain relations in bulk metallic glasses and colloidal

C. P. Amann, M. Ballauff, S. U. Egelhaaf, S. Fritschi, M. Fuchs, M. Krüger, M. Laurati, K. J. Mutch, K. Samwer, M. Siebenbürger, Th. Voigtmann, F. Weysser

1302.2097 (Lionel Schouveiler et al.)

Flow-Induced Draping    [PDF]

Lionel Schouveiler, Christophe Eloy

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1302.0910 (Pinaki Chaudhuri et al.)

Onset of Couette flow in a confined colloidal glass    [PDF]

Pinaki Chaudhuri, Jürgen Horbach

1302.0966 (Riccardo De Pascalis et al.)

Nonlinear Correction to the Euler Buckling Formula for Compressed
Cylinders with Guided-Guided End Conditions

Riccardo De Pascalis, Michel Destrade, Alain Goriely

1302.0987 (Sven van Teeffelen et al.)

Vacancy diffusion in colloidal crystals as determined by dynamical
density-functional theory and the phase-field-crystal model

Sven van Teeffelen, Cristian Vasile Achim, Hartmut Löwen

1302.1067 (Francesco Costanzo et al.)

The Invalidity of the Laplace Law for Biological Vessels and of
Estimating Elastic Modulus from Total Stress vs. Strain: a New Practical

Francesco Costanzo, James G. Brasseur

1302.1118 (Sven Dorosz et al.)

Crystallization Close to the Glass Transition: Dynamic heterogeneities
do not precede crystallization

Sven Dorosz, Tanja Schilling

1302.1120 (Bandan Chakrabortty et al.)

Topology of Complex Bridges inside Vibrated Dry Granular Media    [PDF]

Bandan Chakrabortty, G. C. Barker, Anita Mehta, J. M. Luck

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1302.0109 (Michel Destrade et al.)

Scalar evolution equations for shear waves in incompressible solids: A
simple derivation of the Z, ZK, KZK, and KP equations

Michel Destrade, Alain Goriely, Giuseppe Saccomandi

1302.0192 (Sebastien Neukirch et al.)

The bending of an elastic beam by a liquid drop: A variational approach    [PDF]

Sebastien Neukirch, Arnaud Antkowiak, Jean-Jacques Marigo

1302.0259 (Roberto Bartali et al.)

Role of the granular nature of meteoritic projectiles in impact crater

Roberto Bartali, Gustavo M. Rodríguez-Liñán, Yuri Nahmad-Molinari, Damiano Sarochi, J. C. Ruiz-Suárez

1302.0267 (Fernando Peruani et al.)

Polar vs. apolar alignment in systems of polar self-propelled particles    [PDF]

Fernando Peruani, Francesco Ginelli, Markus Bar, Hugues Chate

1302.0311 (Fernando Peruani et al.)

Collective motion and nonequilibrium cluster formation in colonies of
gliding bacteria

Fernando Peruani, Joern Starruss, Vladimir Jakovljevic, Lotte Sogaard-Andersen, Andreas Deutsch, Markus Bar

1302.0316 (Simon Praetorius et al.)

Structure and dynamics of interfaces between two coexisting liquid
crystalline phases

Simon Praetorius, Axel Voigt, Raphael Wittkowski, Hartmut Löwen

1302.0525 (Riccardo Fantoni et al.)

Multicomponent fluid of nonadditive hard spheres near a wall    [PDF]

Riccardo Fantoni, Andrés Santos

1302.0572 (Hirofumi Niiya et al.)

Pattern formation of granular avalanches with vortex convection    [PDF]

Hirofumi Niiya, Akinori Awazu, Hiraku Nishimori

1302.0605 (Michel Destrade et al.)

Compression Instabilities of Tissues with Localized Strain Softening    [PDF]

Michel Destrade, Jose Merodio

Friday, February 1, 2013

1301.7434 (Andrea Fortini et al.)

Effect of controlled corrugation on capillary condensation of
colloid-polymer mixtures

Andrea Fortini, Matthias Schmidt

1301.7448 (Michel Destrade et al.)

On the third- and fourth-order constants of incompressible isotropic

Michel Destrade, Ray W. Ogden

1301.7463 (Denis Terwagne et al.)

The role of deformations in the bouncing droplet dynamics    [PDF]

Denis Terwagne, François Ludewig, Nicolas Vandewalle, Stéphane Dorbolo

1301.7479 (Ido Regev et al.)

Chaos, Reversibility and Yield in Amorphous Solids Under Periodic Shear    [PDF]

Ido Regev, Turab Lookman, Charles Reichhardt

1301.7492 (Carl F. Schreck et al.)

Particle-scale reversibility in athermal particulate media below jamming    [PDF]

Carl F. Schreck, Robert S. Hoy, Mark D. Shattuck, Corey S. O'Hern

1301.7547 (Tatjana Sentjabrskaja et al.)

Glasses of dynamically asymmetric binary colloidal mixtures: Quiescent
properties and dynamics under shear

Tatjana Sentjabrskaja, Donald Guu, Paul M Lettinga, Stefan U Egelhaaf, Marco Laurati

1301.7562 (A. C. Callan-Jones et al.)

Active Gel Model of Amoeboid Cell Motility    [PDF]

A. C. Callan-Jones, R. Voituriez

1301.7579 (G. C. Fadda et al.)

Peptide pores in lipid bilayers : voltage facilitation pleads for a
revised model

G. C. Fadda, D. Lairez, Z. Guennouni, A. Koutsioubas

1301.7604 (Merlijn S. van Deen et al.)

Particles accelerate the detachment of viscous liquids    [PDF]

Merlijn S. van Deen, Thibault Bertrand, Nhung Vu, David Quéré, Eric Clément, Anke Lindner

1301.7607 (T. Sentjabrskaja et al.)

Yielding of binary colloidal glasses    [PDF]

T. Sentjabrskaja, E. Babaliari, J. Hendricks, M. Laurati, G. Petekidis, S. U. Egelhaaf

1301.7638 (Denis Boyer et al.)

On ergodic least-squares estimators of the generalized diffusion
coefficient for fractional Brownian motion

Denis Boyer, David S. Dean, Carlos Mejia-Monasterio, Gleb Oshanin

1301.7701 (Christoph A. Weber et al.)

Role of particle conservation in self-propelled particle systems    [PDF]

Christoph A. Weber, Florian Thüroff, Erwin Frey