Monday, April 16, 2012

1008.1101 (Stephen Whitelam)

Control of pathways and yields of protein crystallization through the
interplay of nonspecific and specific attractions

Stephen Whitelam

1109.1450 (Stephen Whitelam et al.)

Random and ordered phases of off-lattice rhombus tiles    [PDF]

Stephen Whitelam, Isaac Tamblyn, Peter H. Beton, Juan P. Garrahan

1204.2842 (Pieremanuele Canepa et al.)

Elastic and vibrational properties of alpha and beta-PbO    [PDF]

Pieremanuele Canepa, Piero Ugliengo, Maria Alfredsson

1204.2913 (Garima Mishra et al.)

Dynamical phase transition of a periodically driven DNA    [PDF]

Garima Mishra, Poulomi Sadhukhan, Somendra M Bhattacharjee, Sanjay Kumar

1204.2961 (Maneesh Mathew et al.)

Connectivity percolation in suspensions of hard platelets    [PDF]

Maneesh Mathew, Tanja Schilling, Martin Oettel

1204.2977 (Raphael Blumenfeld et al.)

Inter-dependence of the volume and stress ensembles and equipartition in
statistical mechanics of granular systems

Raphael Blumenfeld, Joe F. Jordan, Sam F. Edwards

1204.3019 (Shiladitya Banerjee et al.)

Contractile stresses in cohesive cell layers on finite-thickness

Shiladitya Banerjee, M. Cristina Marchetti