Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1206.5321 (Derek Frydel et al.)

The Poisson-Boltzmann equation and the excluded volume effects    [PDF]

Derek Frydel, Yan Levin

1206.5328 (Ivan Coluzza et al.)

The configurational space of colloidal patchy polymers with
heterogeneous sequences

Ivan Coluzza, Christoph Dellago

1206.5526 (Jade Taffs et al.)

Structure and kinetics in the freezing of nearly hard spheres    [PDF]

Jade Taffs, Stephen R. Williams, Hajime Tanaka, C. Patrick Royall

1206.5566 (J. Stecki)

On the power spectrum of undulations of simulated bilayers    [PDF]

J. Stecki

1206.5589 (Gaël Chevallier et al.)

Complex Eigenvalue Analysis for Structures with Viscoelastic Behavior    [PDF]

Gaël Chevallier, Franck Renaud, Jean-Luc Dion

1206.5638 (Roman Mani et al.)

Liquid migration in sheared unsaturated granular media    [PDF]

Roman Mani, Dirk Kadau, Hans J. Herrmann

1206.5666 (Pinaki Bhattacharyya et al.)

Chain extension of a confined polymer in steady shear flow    [PDF]

Pinaki Bhattacharyya, Binny J. Cherayil

1206.5686 (Sahin Buyukdagli et al.)

Electrostatic correlations in inhomogeneous charged fluids beyond loop

Sahin Buyukdagli, Cristian Achim, Tapio Ala-Nissila