Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1108.4214 (Carsten Svaneborg)

LAMMPS Framework for Dynamic Bonding and an Application Modeling DNA    [PDF]

Carsten Svaneborg

1112.5091 (R. P. Linna et al.)

Event distributions of polymer translocation    [PDF]

R. P. Linna, K. Kaski

1201.0528 (S. Y. Lehman et al.)

Avalanches on a conical bead pile: scaling with tuning parameters    [PDF]

S. Y. Lehman, Elizabeth Baker, Howard A. Henry, Andrew J. Kindschuh, Larry C. Markley, Megan B. Browning, Mary E. Mills, R. Michael Winters IV, D. T. Jacobs

1202.5591 (Derya Vural et al.)

Intrinsic Mean Square Displacements in Proteins    [PDF]

Derya Vural, Henry R. Glyde

1202.5594 (Michael M. Folkerts et al.)

Avalanches and Continuous Flow in Aging Aqueous Foam    [PDF]

Michael M. Folkerts, Sam W. Stanwyck, Oleg G. Shpyrko

1202.5623 (Chengxiang Ding et al.)

Exact critical points of the O($n$) loop model on the martini and the
3-12 lattices

Chengxiang Ding, Zhe Fu, Wenan Guo

1202.5633 (Narges Nikoofard et al.)

Electric-field-driven polymer entry into asymmetric nanoscale channels    [PDF]

Narges Nikoofard, Hossein Fazli

1202.5635 (Olivier Dauchot et al.)

Turbulence lifetimes: what can we learn from the physics of glasses?    [PDF]

Olivier Dauchot, Eric Bertin

1202.5687 (C. Coulais et al.)

Contacts Dynamics across Jamming in a granular glass experiment    [PDF]

C. Coulais, R. P. Behringer, O. Dauchot

1202.5843 (François Boulogne et al.)

Elasto-plastic flow of a foam around an obstacle    [PDF]

François Boulogne, Simon Cox

1202.5979 (Faezeh Pousaneh et al.)

Effect of ions on confined near-critical binary aqueous mixture    [PDF]

Faezeh Pousaneh, Alina Ciach, Anna Maciolek

1202.5994 (Supravat Dey et al.)

Spatial Structures and Giant Number Fluctuations in Models of Active

Supravat Dey, Dibyendu Das, R. Rajesh

1202.6039 (Jeetain Mittal et al.)

Pair diffusion, hydrodynamic interactions, and available volume in dense

Jeetain Mittal, Gerhard Hummer