Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1005.2359 (Sara Jabbari-Farouji et al.)

Random, blocky and alternating ordering in supramolecular polymers of
chemically bidisperse monomers

Sara Jabbari-Farouji, Paul van der Schoot

1109.3277 (Florian Günther et al.)

Lattice Boltzmann simulations of anisotropic particles at liquid

Florian Günther, Florian Janoschek, Stefan Frijters, Jens Harting

1203.5826 (Anne Dominique Cambou et al.)

3-dimensional structure of a sheet crumpled into a ball    [PDF]

Anne Dominique Cambou, Narayanan Menon

1203.5834 (Ismael Fortuna et al.)

Growth laws and self-similar growth regimes of coarsening
two-dimensional foams: Transition from dry to wet limits

Ismael Fortuna, Gilberto L. Thomas, Rita M. C. de Almeida, Francois Graner

1203.5899 (Md. Arif Kamal et al.)

Phase behavior of two-component lipid membranes: theory and experiments    [PDF]

Md. Arif Kamal, Antara Pal, V. A. Raghunathan, Madan Rao

1203.5917 (Sikarin Yoo-Kong et al.)

Theoretical model of DNA conductivity I: The path integral approach    [PDF]

Sikarin Yoo-Kong, Watchara Liewrian

1203.5996 (A. P. F. Atman et al.)

Mechanical response of an inclined frictional granular layer approaching

A. P. F. Atman, P. Claudin, G. Combe, R. Mari