Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.4042 (Wen-Yue Tang et al.)

Prediction of the effective force on DNA in a nanopore based on density
functional theory

Wen-Yue Tang, Guo-Hui Hu

1306.4067 (X. Yang et al.)

Spiral and never-settling patterns in active suspensions    [PDF]

X. Yang, D. Marenduzzo, M. C. Marchetti

1306.4073 (Luca Cipelletti et al.)

Simultaneous measurement of the microscopic dynamics and the mesoscopic
displacement field in soft systems by speckle imaging

Luca Cipelletti, Giovanni Brambilla, Simona Maccarrone, Sami Caroff

1306.4101 (Baptiste Percier et al.)

Insights on the local dynamics induced by thermal cycling in granular

Baptiste Percier, Thibaut Divoux, Nicolas Taberlet

1306.4176 (Alejandro V. Arzola et al.)

Dynamical analysis of an optical rocking ratchet: Theory and experiment    [PDF]

Alejandro V. Arzola, Karen Volke-SepĂșlveda, JosĂ© L. Mateos

1306.4206 (Jaya Maji et al.)

Strange phases in three stranded DNA-models at low dimensionality    [PDF]

Jaya Maji, Somendra M. Bhattacharjee, Flavio Seno, Antonio Trovato

1306.4271 (Hao Wu et al.)

Mechanical properties and microdomain separation of polymer-grafted
fluid membranes

Hao Wu, Hayato Shiba, Hiroshi Noguchi