Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.4073 (Luca Cipelletti et al.)

Simultaneous measurement of the microscopic dynamics and the mesoscopic
displacement field in soft systems by speckle imaging

Luca Cipelletti, Giovanni Brambilla, Simona Maccarrone, Sami Caroff
The constituents of soft matter systems such as colloidal suspensions, emulsions, polymers, and biological tissues undergo microscopic random motion, due to thermal energy. They may also experience drift motion correlated over mesoscopic or macroscopic length scales, \textit{e.g.} in response to an internal or applied stress or during flow. We present a new method for measuring simultaneously both the microscopic motion and the mesoscopic or macroscopic drift. The method is based on the analysis of spatio-temporal cross-correlation functions of speckle patterns taken in an imaging configuration. The method is tested on a translating Brownian suspension and a sheared colloidal glass.
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