Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1302.2214 (Vincent Démery)

Diffusion of a weak thermal Casimir particle    [PDF]

Vincent Démery

1302.2280 (Vladimir Lobaskin et al.)

Collective dynamics in systems of active Brownian particles with
dissipative interactions

Vladimir Lobaskin, Maksym Romenskyy

1302.2287 (Arthur A. Evans et al.)

Fluid transport by active elastic membranes    [PDF]

Arthur A. Evans, Eric Lauga

1302.2288 (Arthur A. Evans et al.)

Orientational order in concentrated suspensions of spherical

Arthur A. Evans, Takuji Ishikawa, Takami Yamaguchi, Eric Lauga

1302.2289 (Arthur A. Evans et al.)

High-energy deformation of filaments with internal structure and
localized torque-induced melting of DNA

Arthur A. Evans, Alex J. Levine

1302.2314 (Marco Zoli)

Modeling DNA Dynamics by Path Integrals    [PDF]

Marco Zoli

1302.2411 (Michel Destrade et al.)

Simple shear is not so simple    [PDF]

Michel Destrade, Jerry G. Murphy, Giuseppe Saccomandi

1302.2473 (Riccardo Fantoni et al.)

The restricted primitive model of ionic fluids with nonadditive

Riccardo Fantoni, Giorgio Pastore

1302.2495 (Hao Tu et al.)

Instability of flat disks with respect to the formation of twisted
ribbons in smectic-A monolayers

Hao Tu, Robert A. Pelcovits

1302.2511 (C. B. O'Donovan et al.)

Mean-field granocentric approach in 2D & 3D polydisperse, frictionless

C. B. O'Donovan, E. I. Corwin, M. E. Möbius

1302.2561 (K. L. Ngai et al.)

An Explanation of the Differences in Diffusivity of the Components of
the Metallic Glass Pd43Cu27Ni10P20

K. L. Ngai, S. Capaccioli

1302.2566 (K. L. Ngai et al.)

Origin of Ultrafast Ag Radiotracer Diffusion in Shear Bands of Deformed
Bulk Metallic Glass Pd40Ni40P20

K. L. Ngai, Hai Bin Yu

1302.2592 (Aleks Reinhardt et al.)

Computing phase diagrams for a quasicrystal-forming patchy-particle

Aleks Reinhardt, Flavio Romano, Jonathan P. K. Doye