Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1303.0032 (Lang Feng et al.)

Specificity, flexibility and valence of DNA bonds guide emulsion

Lang Feng, Lea-Laetitia Pontani, Remi Dreyfus, Paul Chaikin, Jasna Brujic

1303.0116 (Hiroshi Miki et al.)

Growth rate distribution of NH_4Cl dendrite and its scaling structure    [PDF]

Hiroshi Miki, Haruo Honjo

1303.0260 (Eric DeGiuli)

On the Granular Stress-Geometry Equation    [PDF]

Eric DeGiuli

1303.0343 (Xiaoming Mao)

Entropic effects in the self-assembly of open lattices from patchy

Xiaoming Mao

1303.0392 (Daniele Martini et al.)

Interaction of Epithelial Cells with Surfaces and Surfaces Decorated by

Daniele Martini, Othmar Marti, Michael Beil, T. Paust, C. Huang, M. Moosmann, J. Jin, T. Heiler, R. Gröger, Thomas Schimmel, Stefan Walheim

1303.0494 (N. Lebovka et al.)

Barrier properties of k-mer packings    [PDF]

N. Lebovka, S. Khrapatiy, Vygornitskyi, N. Pivovarova

1303.0558 (N. I. Lebovka et al.)

Anomalous selective reflection in cholesteryl oleyl carbonate - nematic
5CB mixtures and effects of their doping by single-walled carbon nanotubes

N. I. Lebovka, L. N. Lisetski, M. I. Nesterenko, V. D. Panikarskaya, N. A. Kasian, S. S. Minenko, M. S. Soskin

1303.0560 (V. V. Ponevchinsky et al.)

LC nanocomposites: induced optical singularities, managed nano/micro
structure, and electrical conductivity

V. V. Ponevchinsky, A. I. Goncharuk, V. G. Denisenko, N. I. Lebovka, L. N. Lisetski, M. I. Nesterenko, V. D. Panikarskaya, M. S. Soskin

1303.0562 (I. A. Ar'ev et al.)

Effects of partial charge-transfer solute -- solvent interactions in
absorption spectra of aromatic hydrocarbons in aqueous and alcoholic

I. A. Ar'ev, N. I. Lebovka, E. A. Solovieva

1303.0565 (Vlad. V. Ponevchinsky et al.)

Fine topological structure of coherent complex light created by carbon
nanocomposites in LC

Vlad. V. Ponevchinsky, Andrey I. Goncharuk, Serguey S. Minenko, Longin N. Lisetskii, Nikolai I. Lebovka, Marat S. Soskin

1303.0569 (N. Lebovka et al.)

Low temperature phase transformations in 4-cyano-4'-pentylbiphenyl (5CB)
filled by multiwalled carbon nanotubes

N. Lebovka, V. Melnyk, Ye. Mamunya, G. Klishevich, A. Goncharuk, N. Pivovarova

1303.0608 (Hiroshi Miki et al.)

Iterative conformal mapping approach to diffusion-limited aggregation
with surface tension effect

Hiroshi Miki, Haruo Honjo

1303.0612 (Hiroshi Miki et al.)

Multifractal Distribution of Dendrite on One-dimensional Support    [PDF]

Hiroshi Miki, Haruo Honjo

1303.0734 (E. Werner et al.)

Monomer distributions and intra-chain collisions of a polymer confined
to a channel

E. Werner, F. Westerlund, J. O. Tegenfeldt, B. Mehlig