Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1111.0581 (Kirsten Martens et al.)

Spontaneous formation of permanent shear bands in a mesoscopic model of
flowing disordered matter

Kirsten Martens, Lydéric Bocquet, Jean-Louis Barrat

1201.4498 (Alexander Z. Patashinski et al.)

What makes a complex liquid complex?    [PDF]

Alexander Z. Patashinski, Rafal Orlik, Antoni C. Mitus, Mark A. Ratner, Bartosz A. Grzybowski

1202.4070 (Takahiro Sakaue et al.)

Maxwell stress in fluid mixtures    [PDF]

Takahiro Sakaue, Takao Ohta

1202.4247 (D. Henderson)

Some simple results for the properties of polar fluids    [PDF]

D. Henderson

1202.4249 (A. A. Chialvo et al.)

On the molecular mechanism of surface charge amplification and related
phenomena at aqueous polyelectrolyte-graphene interfaces

A. A. Chialvo, J. M. Simonson

1202.4259 (E. Gutiérrez-Valladares et al.)

Primitive model electrolytes. A comparison of the HNC approximation for
the activity coefficient with Monte Carlo data

E. Gutiérrez-Valladares, M. Luksic, B. Millán-Malo, B. Hribar-Lee, V. Vlachy

1202.4260 (S. Hlushak et al.)

Improved first order mean spherical approximation for simple fluids    [PDF]

S. Hlushak, A. Trokhymchuk, I. Nezbeda

1202.4262 (J. Krejcí et al.)

Mean spherical approximation for the Lennard-Jones-like two Yukawa
model: Comparison against Monte Carlo data

J. Krejcí, I. Nezbeda, R. Melnyk, A. Trokhymchuk

1202.4276 (L. L. Lee et al.)

Adsorption of hard spheres: structure and effective density according to
the potential distribution theorem

L. L. Lee, G. Pellicane

1202.4279 (G. C. Ganzenmüller et al.)

Phase behaviour and dynamics in primitive models of molecular ionic

G. C. Ganzenmüller, P. J. Camp

1202.4282 (T. Sajevic et al.)

Correlation between flexibility of chain-like polyelectrolyte and
thermodynamic properties of its solution

T. Sajevic, J. Rescic, V. Vlachy

1202.4284 (M. Borówko et al.)

Changes in the structure of tethered chain molecules as predicted by
density functional approach

M. Borówko, A. Patrykiejew, O. Pizio, S. Sokołowski

1202.4362 (P. K. Ghosh et al.)

Detectable inertial effects on Brownian transport through narrow pores    [PDF]

P. K. Ghosh, P. Hanggi, F. Marchesoni, F. Nori, G. Schmid

1202.4428 (Y. Ishimoto et al.)

2D Lattice Liquid Models    [PDF]

Y. Ishimoto, T. Murashima, T. Taniguchi, R. Yamamoto

1202.4429 (Lukas Glod et al.)

Brownian oscillators driven by correlated noise in a moving trap    [PDF]

Lukas Glod, Gabriela Vasziova, Jana Tothova, Vladimir Lisy