Thursday, September 13, 2012

1209.2444 (Brian Moths et al.)

Full alignment of colloidal objects by programmed forcing    [PDF]

Brian Moths, T. A. Witten

1209.2571 (Trond S. Ingebrigtsen et al.)

NVU dynamics. III. Simulating molecules at constant potential energy    [PDF]

Trond S. Ingebrigtsen, Jeppe C. Dyre

1209.2600 (Michael Niebling et al.)

Numerical studies of aerofractures in porous media / Estudios numericos
de aerofractures en medios porosos

Michael Niebling, Renaud Toussaint, Eirik Grude Flekkøy, K. J. Måløy

1209.2607 (Marco Baiesi et al.)

Universal properties of knotted polymer rings    [PDF]

Marco Baiesi, Enzo Orlandini

1209.2608 (Santi Prestipino et al.)

Hexatic phase and water-like anomalies in a two-dimensional fluid of
particles with a weakly softened core

Santi Prestipino, Franz Saija, Paolo V. Giaquinta

1209.2648 (Miguel A. Durán-Olivencia et al.)

A Brownian Model for Crystal Nucleation    [PDF]

Miguel A. Durán-Olivencia, Fermín Otálora