Thursday, May 3, 2012

1105.3099 (Dandan Chen et al.)

Plasticity and fluctuations in quasi-two-dimensional hopper flow of

Dandan Chen, Kenneth W. Desmond, Eric R. Weeks

1205.0072 (Shelley L. Taylor et al.)

Temperature as an external field for colloid-polymer mixtures :
"quenching" by heating and "melting" by cooling

Shelley L. Taylor, Robert Evans, C. Patrick Royall

1205.0116 (Yuki Uematsu et al.)

Effects of strongly selective additives on volume phase transition in

Yuki Uematsu, Takeaki Araki

1205.0122 (Karl J. Jalkanen et al.)

First principles structures and circular dichroism spectra for the
close-packed and the 7/2 motif of collagen

Karl J. Jalkanen, Kasper Olsen, Michaela Knapp-Mohammady, Jakob Bohr

1205.0141 (Hiroshi Noguchi)

Structure formation in binary mixtures of surfactants: vesicle
opening-up to bicelles and octopus-like micelles

Hiroshi Noguchi

1205.0147 (Ningning Li et al.)

Effect of pH, surface charge and counter-ions on the adsorption of
sodium dodecyl sulfate to the sapphire/solution interface

Ningning Li, Robert K. Thomas, Adrian R. Rennie

1205.0187 (Andrew J. Dunleavy et al.)

Using mutual information to measure order in model glass-formers    [PDF]

Andrew J. Dunleavy, Karoline Wiesner, C. Patrick Royall

1205.0218 (S. B. Chernyshuk)

Influence of the high order terms in the elastic interaction between
colloidal particles in the nematic liquid crystals

S. B. Chernyshuk

1205.0224 (Shengfeng Cheng et al.)

Structure and Diffusion of Nanoparticle Monolayers Floating at
Liquid/Vapor Interfaces: A Molecular Dynamics Study

Shengfeng Cheng, Gary S. Grest

1205.0238 (Jakob Mehl et al.)

Role of Hidden Slow Degrees of Freedom in the Fluctuation Theorem    [PDF]

Jakob Mehl, Boris Lander, Clemens Bechinger, Valentin Blickle, Udo Seifert

1205.0275 (Nikolay V. Alekseechkin)

Thermodynamics and kinetics of vapor bubbles nucleation in one-component

Nikolay V. Alekseechkin

1205.0285 (Panayotis Benetatos et al.)

Force-extension relation of cross-linked anisotropic polymer networks    [PDF]

Panayotis Benetatos, Stephan Ulrich, Annette Zippelius