Friday, October 12, 2012

1210.3155 (Teruaki Okushima et al.)

DNA as a one-dimensional chiral material. II. Dynamics of the structural
transition between B form and Z form

Teruaki Okushima, Hiroshi Kuratsuji

1210.3158 (Patrick Varilly et al.)

Water Evaporation: A Transition Path Sampling Study    [PDF]

Patrick Varilly, David Chandler

1210.3177 (M. Pica Ciamarra et al.)

The first jamming crossover: geometric and mechanical features    [PDF]

M. Pica Ciamarra, P. Sollich

1210.3180 (Andrey Krokhotin et al.)

On the role of thermal backbone fluctuations in myoglobin ligand gate

Andrey Krokhotin, Antti J. Niemi, Xubiao Peng

1210.3223 (Filippo Chiodi et al.)

The bar instability revisited    [PDF]

Filippo Chiodi, Bruno Andreotti, Philippe Claudin

1210.3228 (Daniel Svenšek et al.)

Confined chiral polymer nematics: ordering and spontaneous condensation    [PDF]

Daniel Svenšek, Rudolf Podgornik

1210.3246 (Raghunath Chelakkot et al.)

Flow-Induced Helical Coiling of Semiflexible Polymers in Structured

Raghunath Chelakkot, Roland G. Winkler, Gerhard Gompper

1210.3247 (Klaus Roeller et al.)

Arrest of three-dimensional gravity-confined shear flow of wet granular

Klaus Roeller, Johannes Blaschke, Stephan Herminghaus, Jürgen Vollmer

1210.3329 (Zahra Shojaaee et al.)

Shear flow of dense granular materials near smooth walls. I. Shear
localization and constitutive laws in boundary region

Zahra Shojaaee, Jean-Noël Roux, François Chevoir, Wolf Dietrich