Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6330 (Hamza Chraibi et al.)

Excitation of fountain and entrainment instabilities at the interface
between two viscous fluids using a beam of laser light

Hamza Chraibi, Julien Petit, RĂ©gis Wunenburger, Jean-Pierre Delville

1307.6402 (Chinmay Das et al.)

Lamellar and inverse micellar structures of stratum corneum lipids: Role
of the corneocyte-bound lipid envelope

Chinmay Das, Massimo G. Noro, Peter D. Olmsted

1307.6466 (Andreas Dechant et al.)

Connecting active and passive microrheology in living cells    [PDF]

Andreas Dechant, Eric Lutz

1307.6471 (Santosh Mogurampelly et al.)

Elasticity of DNA and the effect of Dendrimer Binding    [PDF]

Santosh Mogurampelly, Bidisha Nandy, Roland R. Netz, Prabal K. Maiti

1307.6472 (Sirio Orozco-Fuentes et al.)

Order, intermittency and pressure fluctuations in a system of
proliferating rods

Sirio Orozco-Fuentes, Denis Boyer