Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6330 (Hamza Chraibi et al.)

Excitation of fountain and entrainment instabilities at the interface
between two viscous fluids using a beam of laser light

Hamza Chraibi, Julien Petit, Régis Wunenburger, Jean-Pierre Delville
We report on two instabilities called viscous fountain and viscous entrainment triggered at the interface between two liquids by the action of bulk flows driven by a laser beam. These streaming flows are due to light scattering losses in turbid liquids, and can be directed either toward or forward the interface. We experimentally and numerically investigate these interface instabilities and show that the height and curvature of the interface deformation at the threshold and the jet radius after interface destabilization mainly depend on the waist of the laser beam. Analogies and differences between these two instabilities are characterized.
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