Thursday, March 15, 2012

1004.3116 (Praveen Chaddah et al.)

Magnetic Glass formed by kinetic arrest of first order phase transitions    [PDF]

Praveen Chaddah, Alok Banerjee

1111.2350 (M. Schick)

Membrane Heterogeneity: Manifestation of a Curvature-Induced

M. Schick

1111.5441 (O. Henrich et al.)

Confined Cubic Blue Phases under Shear    [PDF]

O. Henrich, K. Stratford, D. Marenduzzo, P. V. Coveney, M. E. Cates

1112.3251 (O. Henrich et al.)

Rheology of Lamellar Liquid Crystals in Two and Three Dimensions: A
Simulation Study

O. Henrich, K. Stratford, D. Marenduzzo, P. V. Coveney, M. E. Cates

1112.6034 (Takuya Saito et al.)

Process Time Distribution of Driven Polymer Transport    [PDF]

Takuya Saito, Takahiro Sakaue

1203.2737 (Jeremy Schofield et al.)

Modeling of solvent flow effects in enzyme catalysis under physiological

Jeremy Schofield, Paul Inder, Raymond Kapral

1203.2748 (Mattaparthi Venkata Satish Kumar et al.)

Structure of DNA-Functionalized Dendrimer Nanoparticles    [PDF]

Mattaparthi Venkata Satish Kumar, Prabal K Maiti

1203.2751 (David Speer et al.)

Anisotropic diffusion in square lattice potentials: giant enhancement
and control

David Speer, Ralf Eichhorn, Peter Reimann

1203.2770 (Sebastian Getfert et al.)

Hidden multiple bond effects in dynamic force spectroscopy    [PDF]

Sebastian Getfert, Peter Reimann

1203.2831 (Hans-Karl Janssen et al.)

Scaling exponents for a monkey on a tree - fractal dimensions of
randomly branched polymers

Hans-Karl Janssen, Olaf Stenull

1203.2857 (Andreas Härtel et al.)

Tension and stiffness of the hard sphere crystal-fluid interface    [PDF]

Andreas Härtel, Martin Oettel, Roberto E. Rozas, Stefan U. Egelhaaf, Jürgen Horbach, Hartmut Löwen

1203.3005 (Dmitry V. Matyushov)

On the Theory of Dielectric Spectroscopy of Protein Solutions    [PDF]

Dmitry V. Matyushov

1203.3122 (Yuri N. Obukhov et al.)

Relativistic Lagrangian model of a nematic liquid crystal    [PDF]

Yuri N. Obukhov, Tomas Ramos, Guillermo F. Rubilar

1203.3151 (W. T. Lee et al.)

Ordering of block copolymer microstructures in corner geometries    [PDF]

W. T. Lee, N. Delaney, M. Vynnycky, M. A. Morris