Wednesday, April 10, 2013

1304.2426 (Israel Lazo et al.)

Liquid crystal-enabled electrophoresis of spheres in a nematic medium
with negative dielectric anisotropy

Israel Lazo, Oleg D. Lavrentovich

1304.2481 (Shradha Mishra et al.)

Electrostatic interactions in concentrated protein solutions    [PDF]

Shradha Mishra, Jeremy D. Schmit

1304.2511 (Giuseppe D'Adamo et al.)

Consistent coarse-graining strategy for polymer solutions in the thermal
crossover from Good to Theta solvent

Giuseppe D'Adamo, Andrea Pelissetto, Carlo Pierleoni

1304.2646 (Li-Hua Luu et al.)

Supporting Material for: Capillary-like Fluctuations of a Solid-Liquid
Interface in a Non-Cohesive Granular System

Li-Hua Luu, Gustavo Castillo, Nicolás Mujica, Rodrigo Soto

1304.2660 (Brian Moths et al.)

Orientational ordering of colloidal dispersions by application of time
dependent external forces

Brian Moths, T. A. Witten

1304.2701 (Cesar A. C. Sequeira et al.)

Physics of Electrolytic Gas Evolution    [PDF]

Cesar A. C. Sequeira, Diogo M. F. Santos, Biljana Sljukic, Luis Amaral

1304.2710 (Cristiano Nisoli et al.)

Helixing Transition in Filaments under Torque    [PDF]

Cristiano Nisoli, Alan. R. Bishop