Friday, August 31, 2012

1101.2235 (David Chandler et al.)

Lectures on Molecular- and Nano-scale Fluctuations in Water    [PDF]

David Chandler, Patrick Varilly

1208.6127 (Lubor Frastia et al.)

Modelling the formation of structured deposits at receding contact lines
of evaporating solutions and suspensions

Lubor Frastia, Andrew J. Archer, Uwe Thiele

1208.6150 (Yoshitake Sakae et al.)

Optimizations of protein force fields    [PDF]

Yoshitake Sakae, Yuko Okamoto

1208.6170 (Jingyuan Li et al.)

Are hydrodynamic interactions important in the kinetics of hydrophobic

Jingyuan Li, Joseph A. Morrone, B. J. Berne

1208.6209 (Vincent Démery et al.)

Electrostatic interactions mediated by polarizable counterions: weak and
strong coupling limits

Vincent Démery, David S. Dean, Rudolf Podgornik

1208.6210 (Elie Wandersman et al.)

Particle Diffusion in Slow Granular Bulk Flows    [PDF]

Elie Wandersman, Joshua A. Dijksman, Martin van Hecke

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1104.3059 (Rakesh Kumar Mishra et al.)

Effect of shear force on the separation of double stranded DNA    [PDF]

Rakesh Kumar Mishra, Garima Mishra, M. S. Li, Sanjay Kumar

1208.5126 (Sanjay Kumar et al.)

DNA Unzipping under a periodic force: Scaling behavior of hysteresis

Sanjay Kumar, Garima Mishra

1208.5156 (Aleksandr Kivenson et al.)

Diffusion-limited rates on low-dimensional manifolds with extreme aspect

Aleksandr Kivenson, Michael F. Hagan

1208.5214 (Francisca Guzman-Lastra et al.)

Stochastic resonance on the transverse displacement of swimmers in an
oscillatory shear flow

Francisca Guzman-Lastra, Rodrigo Soto

1208.5321 (Neda Ghofraniha et al.)

Multimode SPASER in nano-colloidal plasmonic systems    [PDF]

Neda Ghofraniha, Pascal Andrè, Andrea Di falco, Claudio Conti

1208.5347 (Vanchna Singh et al.)

Hysteresis in a magnetic bead and its applications    [PDF]

Vanchna Singh, Varsha Banerjee

1208.5430 (Nikolai V. Priezjev)

Molecular dynamics simulations of oscillatory Couette flows with slip
boundary conditions

Nikolai V. Priezjev

1208.5448 (Christoph. A. Weber et al.)

Nucleation-induced transition to collective motion in active systems    [PDF]

Christoph. A. Weber, Volker Schaller, Andreas R. Bausch, Erwin Frey

Monday, August 27, 2012

1011.1002 (Kai Zhang et al.)

Reentrant and Isostructural Transitions in a Cluster-Crystal Former    [PDF]

Kai Zhang, Patrick Charbonneau, Bianca M. Mladek

1112.0239 (Maxim Dvornikov)

Quantum exchange interaction of spherically symmetric plasmoids    [PDF]

Maxim Dvornikov

1208.4856 (Andrea Vanossi et al.)

Static and dynamic friction in sliding colloidal monolayers    [PDF]

Andrea Vanossi, Nicola Manini, Erio Tosatti

1208.4879 (Takashi Uneyama et al.)

Concentration Dependence of Rheological Properties of Telechelic
Associative Polymer Solutions

Takashi Uneyama, Shinya Suzuki, Hiroshi Watanabe

1208.4905 (Won Kyu Kim et al.)

How a single stretched polymer responds coherently to a minute
oscillation in fluctuating environments: An entropic stochastic resonance

Won Kyu Kim, Wokyung Sung

1208.4933 (N. Golubeva et al.)

Efficiency at maximum power of interacting molecular machines    [PDF]

N. Golubeva, A. Imparato

Thursday, August 23, 2012

1208.4186 (Won Kyu Kim et al.)

Weak temporal signals can synchronize and accelerate the transition
dynamics of biopolymers under tension

Won Kyu Kim, Changbong Hyeon, Wokyung Sung

1208.4401 (P. K. Ghosh et al.)

Brownian transport in corrugated channels with inertia    [PDF]

P. K. Ghosh, P. Haenggi, F. Marchesoni, F. Nori, G. Schmid

1208.4461 (Yong-Jun Chen et al.)

Quasi-logarithmic spacing law in dewetting patterns from the drying
meniscus of a polymer solution

Yong-Jun Chen, Kosuke Suzuki, Hitoshi Mahara, Tomohiko Yamaguchi

1208.4463 (Yong-Jun Chen et al.)

Interface dynamics under nonequilibrium conditions: from a
self-propelled droplet to dynamic pattern evolution

Yong-Jun Chen, Kenichi Yoshikawa

1208.4464 (Jörn Dunkel et al.)

Minimal continuum theories of structure formation in dense active fluids    [PDF]

Jörn Dunkel, Sebastian Heidenreich, Markus Bär, Raymond E. Goldstein

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1110.5998 (V. V. Matveev et al.)

Thermodynamics of pharmacological action for electron-accepting
compounds on activated or damaged cell in the context of Ling's model of the
living cell

V. V. Matveev, D. V. Prokhorenko

1208.3780 (Kai Zhang et al.)

[N]pT ensemble and finite-size scaling study of the GEM-4 critical
isostructural transition

Kai Zhang, Patrick Charbonneau

1208.3804 (John J. Williamson et al.)

The effects of polydispersity and metastability on crystal growth

John J. Williamson, R. Mike L. Evans

1208.3908 (C. M. Cantanhede et al.)

Magnetic flux inversion in Charged BPS vortices in a Lorentz-violating
Maxwell-Higgs framework

C. M. Cantanhede, R. Casana, M. M. Ferreira Jr, E. da Hora

1208.3932 (Stephan Korden)

Beyond the Rosenfeld Functional: Loop Contributions in Fundamental
Measure Theory

Stephan Korden

1208.3935 (Mathieu Sellier et al.)

Droplet actuation induced by coalescence: experimental evidences and
phenomenological modeling

Mathieu Sellier, Volker Nock, Cécile Gaubert, Claude Verdier

1208.3957 (M. E. Cates)

Diffusive transport without detailed balance in motile bacteria: Does
microbiology need statistical physics?

M. E. Cates

1208.4023 (Rudolf Podgornik et al.)

Polymers pushing Polymers: Polymer Mixtures in Thermodynamic Equilibrium
with a Pore

Rudolf Podgornik, Jaime Hopkins, V. Adrian Parsegian, Murugappan Muthukumar

1208.4061 (Vanchna Singh et al.)

Dynamics of magnetic nanoparticle suspensions    [PDF]

Vanchna Singh, Varsha Banerjee, Manish Sharma

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1208.2348 (D. R. Corbett et al.)

Tack energy and switchable adhesion of liquid crystal elastomers    [PDF]

D. R. Corbett, J. M. Adams

1208.2381 (Arijit Ghosh et al.)

Dynamical Configurations and Bistability of Helical Nanostructures under
External Torque

Arijit Ghosh, Debadrita Paria, Haobijam Johnson Singh, Pooyath Lekshmy Venugopalan, Ambarish Ghosh

1208.2418 (Agnieszka M. Slowicka et al.)

Lateral migration of flexible fibers in Poiseuille flow between two
parallel planar solid walls

Agnieszka M. Slowicka, Eligiusz Wajnryb, Maria L. Ekiel-Jezewska

1208.2445 (V. Achilleos et al.)

Solitons and their ghosts in PT-symmetric systems with defocusing

V. Achilleos, P. G. Kevrekidis, D. J. Frantzeskakis, R. Carretero-Gonzalez

1208.2449 (James F. Lutsko)

Nucleation of colloids and macromolecules in a finite volume    [PDF]

James F. Lutsko

1208.2489 (Sergey K. Nemirovskii)

Fluctuations of the vortex line density in turbulent flows of quantum

Sergey K. Nemirovskii

1208.2524 (Z. C. Tu)

Bounds and phase diagram of efficiency at maximum power for
tight-coupling molecular motors

Z. C. Tu

1208.2531 (Francis G. Woodhouse et al.)

Shear-Driven Circulation Patterns in Lipid Membrane Vesicles    [PDF]

Francis G. Woodhouse, Raymond E. Goldstein

1208.2539 (Timm Krüger et al.)

Numerical simulations of complex fluid-fluid interface dynamics    [PDF]

Timm Krüger, Stefan Frijters, Florian Günther, Badr Kaoui, Jens Harting

1208.2636 (W. Wendell Smith et al.)

Molecular Simulations of the Fluctuating Conformational Dynamics of
Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

W. Wendell Smith, Carl F. Schreck, Nabeem Hashem, Sherwin Soltani, Abhinav Nath, Elizabeth Rhoades, Corey S. O'Hern

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1111.3323 (Aleksander L. Owczarek et al.)

Exact solution of a model of a vesicle attached to a wall subject to
mechanical deformation

Aleksander L. Owczarek, Thomas Prellberg

1112.4591 (Tamio Yamazaki)

Parametrization of coarse grained force fields for dynamic property of
ethylene glycol oligomers/water binary mixtures

Tamio Yamazaki

1208.0880 (Shenshen Wang et al.)

Microscopic theory of the glassy dynamics of passive and active network

Shenshen Wang, Peter G. Wolynes

1208.0890 (Atul Varshney et al.)

Amorphous to amorphous transition in particle rafts    [PDF]

Atul Varshney, A. Sane, Shankar Ghosh, S. Bhattacharya

1208.0943 (Amit Kumar et al.)

Mechanism of margination in confined flows of blood and other
multicomponent suspensions

Amit Kumar, Michael D. Graham

1208.1069 (Masashi Torikai)

Equation of State for Parallel Rigid Spherocylinders    [PDF]

Masashi Torikai

1208.1110 (Andreas M. Menzel et al.)

Soft deformable self-propelled particles    [PDF]

Andreas M. Menzel, Takao Ohta

1208.1114 (Matthias Grimm et al.)

High-resolution detection of Brownian motion for quantitative Optical
Tweezers experiments

Matthias Grimm, Thomas Franosch, Sylvia Jeney

1208.1141 (Venkatramanan P. R. et al.)

A novel modulated phase of liquid crystals: Covariant elasticity in the
context of soft, achiral smectic-C materials

Venkatramanan P. R., Yashodhan Hatwalne, N. V. Madhusudana

Friday, August 3, 2012

1208.0097 (Kazumi Suematsu)

Coil Dimensions as a Function of Concentration    [PDF]

Kazumi Suematsu

1208.0167 (Michal Ciesla et al.)

Ordering in a fibrinogen layer    [PDF]

Michal Ciesla, Jakub Barbasz

1208.0213 (L. R. Gomez et al.)

Uniform Shock Waves in Disordered Granular Matter    [PDF]

L. R. Gomez, A. M. Turner, V. Vitelli

1208.0239 (Ai-Min Guo et al.)

Sequence-dependent spin-selective tunneling along double-stranded DNA    [PDF]

Ai-Min Guo, Qing-feng Sun

1208.0252 (Ignacio G. Tejada)

Stress phase space for static granular matter    [PDF]

Ignacio G. Tejada

1208.0299 (R. Benzi et al.)

Dynamic crossover length in soft-glassy materials    [PDF]

R. Benzi, M. Bernaschi, M. Sbragaglia, S. Succi

1208.0349 (Mangesh I. Chaudhari et al.)

Microstructures of capped ethylene oxide oligomers in water and

Mangesh I. Chaudhari, Lawrence R. pratt

1208.0397 (Moutushi Dutta Choudhury et al.)

Aggregation Patterns of Salt Crystalizing in Drying Colloidal Solvents    [PDF]

Moutushi Dutta Choudhury, Sayanee Jana, Sruti Dutta, Sujata Tarafdar

1208.0465 (H. Xu et al.)

Impulsive correction to the elastic moduli obtained using the
stress-fluctuation formalism in systems with truncated pair potential

H. Xu, J. P. Wittmer, P. Polińska, J. Baschnagel

1208.0485 (Vincent Richefeu et al.)

An experimental assessment of displacement fluctuations in a 2D granular
material subjected to shear

Vincent Richefeu, Gaël Combe, Gioacchino Viggiani

1208.0499 (B. Saint-Cyr et al.)

Particle shape dependence in 2D granular media    [PDF]

B. Saint-Cyr, K. Szarf, C. Voivret, E. Azéma, V. Richefeu, J. -Y. Delenne, G. Combe, C. Nouguier-Lehon, P. Villard, P. Sornay, M. Chaze, F. Radjaï

1208.0565 (K. Szarf et al.)

Polygons vs. clumps of discs: a numerical study of the influence of
grain shape on the mechanical behaviour of granular materials

K. Szarf, G. Combe, P. Villard