Thursday, March 14, 2013

1303.3078 (Xiaoling Lei et al.)

Local compression properties of double-stranded DNA based on a dynamic

Xiaoling Lei, Wenpeng Qi, Haiping Fang

1303.3086 (David T. Limmer et al.)

The Putative Liquid-Liquid Transition is a Liquid-Solid Transition in
Atomistic Models of Water, Part II

David T. Limmer, David Chandler

1303.3113 (Daniele Coslovich et al.)

Cluster and reentrant anomalies of nearly Gaussian core particles    [PDF]

Daniele Coslovich, Atsushi Ikeda

1303.3117 (Shuxi Dai et al.)

Biomimetic fabrication and tunable wetting properties of
three-dimensional hierarchical ZnO structures by combining soft lithography
templated with lotus leaf and hydrothermal treatments

Shuxi Dai, Dianbo Zhang, Qing Shi, Xiao Han, Shujie Wang, Zuliang Du

1303.3195 (Gabriel S. Redner et al.)

Reentrant Phase Behavior in Active Colloids with Attraction    [PDF]

Gabriel S. Redner, Aparna Baskaran, Michael F. Hagan