Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1306.0021 (Ana C. Ribeiro Teixeira et al.)

Glassy behavior of two-dimensional stripe-forming systems    [PDF]

Ana C. Ribeiro Teixeira, Daniel A. Stariolo, Daniel G. Barci

1306.0030 (Jeppe C. Dyre)

Aging of CKN: Modulus versus conductivity analysis    [PDF]

Jeppe C. Dyre

1306.0150 (Luca Felicetti et al.)

Simulation of Molecular Signaling in Blood Vessels: Software Design and
Application to Atherogenesis

Luca Felicetti, Mauro Femminella, Gianluca Reali

1306.0189 (Michel Destrade)

Finite-amplitude inhomogeneous plane waves in a deformed Mooney-Rivlin

Michel Destrade

1306.0190 (Michel Destrade)

Finite-amplitude inhomogeneous plane waves of exponential type in
incompressible elastic materials

Michel Destrade

1306.0192 (Michel Destrade et al.)

Some results on finite amplitude elastic waves propagating in rotating

Michel Destrade, Giuseppe Saccomandi

1306.0198 (Pasquale Ciarletta et al.)

Shear instability in skin tissue    [PDF]

Pasquale Ciarletta, Michel Destrade, Artur L. Gower

1306.0200 (Badar Rashid et al.)

Influence of Preservation Temperature on the Measured Mechanical
Properties of Brain Tissue

Badar Rashid, Michel Destrade, Michael Gilchrist

1306.0269 (Kenneth W. Desmond et al.)

Experimental measurements of stress redistribution in flowing emulsions    [PDF]

Kenneth W. Desmond, Eric R. Weeks

1306.0277 (M. A. Annunziata et al.)

Hardening transition in a one-dimensional model for ferrogels    [PDF]

M. A. Annunziata, A. M. Menzel, H. Löwen

1306.0332 (Hanumantha Rao Vutukuri et al.)

Colloidal analogues of charged and uncharged polymer chains with tunable

Hanumantha Rao Vutukuri, Ahmet Faik Demirörs, Bo Peng, Peter D. J. van Oostrum, Arnout Imhof, Alfons van Blaaderen

1306.0411 (Ronald Benjamin et al.)

Lennard-Jones systems near solid walls: Computing interfacial free
energies from molecular simulation methods

Ronald Benjamin, Jürgen Horbach

1306.0421 (Mattia Bacca et al.)

Anisotropic effective higher-order response of heterogeneous Cauchy
elastic materials

Mattia Bacca, Francesco Dal Corso, Daniele Veber, Davide Bigoni

1306.0481 (Rodrigo Soto et al.)

Run-and-tumble in a crowded environment: persistent exclusion process
for swimmers

Rodrigo Soto, Ramin Golestanian

1306.0506 (T. F. Eibach et al.)

Measuring contact angle and meniscus shape with a reflected laser beam    [PDF]

T. F. Eibach, D. Fell, H. Nguyen, H. J. Butt, G. K. Auernhammer

1306.0709 (H. H. Wensink et al.)

Controlling active self-assembly through broken particle symmetries    [PDF]

H. H. Wensink, V. Kantsler, R. E. Goldstein, J. Dunkel

1306.0749 (Nikolaos G. Fytas et al.)

Molecular dynamics simulations of single-component bottle-brush polymers
with a flexible backbone under poor solvent conditions

Nikolaos G. Fytas, Panagiotis E. Theodorakis

1306.0773 (Nikolaos T. Chamakos et al.)

Modeling of multiple three phase contact lines of liquid droplets on
geometrically patterned surfaces: continuum and mesoscopic analysis

Nikolaos T. Chamakos, Michail E. Kavousanakis, Athanasios G. Papathanasiou

1306.0788 (Marcello Sega et al.)

Mesoscale Structures at Complex Fluid-Fluid Interfaces: a Novel Lattice
Boltzmann / Molecular Dynamics Coupling

Marcello Sega, Mauro Sbragaglia, Sofia Sergeevna Kantorovich, Alexey Olegovich Ivanov

1306.0855 (Charles W. Swartz et al.)

Ab initio studies of ionization potentials of hydrated hydroxide and

Charles W. Swartz, Xifan Wu