Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1301.6868 (Michel Destrade et al.)

Third- and fourth-order constants of incompressible soft solids and the
acousto-elastic effect

Michel Destrade, Michael D. Gilchrist, G. Saccomandi

1301.6957 (Thomas Gallot et al.)

Ultrafast ultrasonic imaging coupled to rheometry: principle and

Thomas Gallot, Christophe Perge, Vincent Grenard, Marc-Antoine Fardin, Nicolas Taberlet, Sebastien Manneville

1301.6964 (Michał Cieśla)

Random Sequential Adsorption of Polymer    [PDF]

Michał Cieśla

1301.6981 (Carl P. Goodrich et al.)

Stability of jammed packings I: the rigidity length scale    [PDF]

Carl P. Goodrich, Wouter G. Ellenbroek, Andrea J. Liu

1301.6982 (Samuel S. Schoenholz et al.)

Stability of jammed packings II: the transverse length scale    [PDF]

Samuel S. Schoenholz, Carl P. Goodrich, Oleg Kogan, Andrea J. Liu, Sidney R. Nagel

1301.6986 (Arnaud Hemmerle et al.)

Controlling interactions in supported bilayers from weak electrostatic
repulsion to high osmotic pressure

Arnaud Hemmerle, Linda Malaquin, Thierry Charitat, Sigolène Lecuyer, Giovanna Fragneto, Jean Daillant

1301.6990 (Felix Höfling et al.)

Anomalous transport in the crowded world of biological cells    [PDF]

Felix Höfling, Thomas Franosch

1301.7022 (Atefeh Khoshnood et al.)

Anomalous diffusion of proteins in sheared lipid membranes    [PDF]

Atefeh Khoshnood, Mir Abbas Jalali