Monday, April 2, 2012

1203.6680 (Nicholas Guttenberg)

Microscopic dissipation in a cohesionless granular jet impact    [PDF]

Nicholas Guttenberg

1203.6696 (Ing-Shouh Hwang et al.)

Evidence of Epitaxial Growth of Molecular Layers of Dissolved Gas at a
Hydrophobic/Water Interface

Ing-Shouh Hwang, Chih-Wen Yang, Yi-Hsien Lu

1203.6759 (Matthieu Barbier et al.)

Field induced stationary state for an accelerated tracer in a bath    [PDF]

Matthieu Barbier, Emmanuel Trizac

1203.6775 (Sanjeeva Witharana et al.)

Aggregation and settling in aqueous polydisperse alumina nanoparticle

Sanjeeva Witharana, Chris Hodges, Dan Xu, Xiaojun Lai, Yulong Ding

1203.6814 (P. S. Burada et al.)

Escape rate of an active Brownian particle over a potential barrier    [PDF]

P. S. Burada, B. Lindner

1203.6853 (Anton Peshkov et al.)

Continuous theory of active matter systems with metric-free interactions    [PDF]

Anton Peshkov, Sandrine Ngo, Eric Bertin, Hugues Chaté, Francesco Ginelli

1203.6875 (Ahmad M. Almudallal et al.)

Phase diagram of a two-dimensional system with anomalous liquid

Ahmad M. Almudallal, Sergey V. Buldyrev, Ivan Saika-Voivod