Friday, June 14, 2013

1306.2939 (A. E. Roth et al.)

Structure and coarsening at the surface of a dry three-dimensional
aqueous foam

A. E. Roth, B. G. Chen, D. J. Durian

1306.2965 (Michał Cieśla)

Random sequential adsorption of tetramers    [PDF]

Michał Cieśla

1306.2983 (Alex Malins et al.)

Lifetimes and Lengthscales of Structural Motifs in a Model Glassformer    [PDF]

Alex Malins, Jens Eggers, Hajime Tanaka, C. Patrick Royall

1306.3149 (Stefan Karpitschka et al.)

Sharp Transition between Coalescence and Noncoalescence of Sessile
Drops: Interplay between Marangoni Flow and Local Topography

Stefan Karpitschka, Hans Riegler

1306.3188 (Tim Still et al.)

Phonon Dispersion and Elastic Moduli of Two-Dimensional Disordered
Colloidal Packings of Soft-Particles with Frictional Interactions

Tim Still, Carl P. Goodrich, Ke Chen, Peter J. Yunker, Samuel Schoenholz, Andrea J. Liu, A. G. Yodh