Friday, June 14, 2013

1306.2965 (Michał Cieśla)

Random sequential adsorption of tetramers    [PDF]

Michał Cieśla
Adsorption of tetramer built of four identical spheres was studied numerically using the Random Sequential Adsorption (RSA) algorithm. Tetramers were adsorbed on a two dimensional, flat and homogeneous surface. Two different models of the adsorbate were investigated: a rhomboid and a square one; monomer centres were put on vertices of rhomboids and squares, respectively. Numerical simulations allow to establish the maximal random coverage ratio as well as the Available Surface Function (ASF), which is crucial for determining kinetics of the adsorption process. These results were compared with data obtained experimentally for KfrA plasmid adsorption. Additionally, the density autocorrelation function was measured.
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