Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1212.6357 (M. Druchok et al.)

Temperature and pH driven association in uranyl aqueous solutions    [PDF]

M. Druchok, M. Holovko

1212.6358 (M. Schmidt et al.)

Recent developments in classical density functional theory: Internal
energy functional and diagrammatic structure of fundamental measure theory

M. Schmidt, M. Burgis, W. S. B. Dwandaru, G. Leithall, P. Hopkins

1212.6359 (A. Huerta et al.)

Towards frustration of freezing transition in a binary hard-disk mixture    [PDF]

A. Huerta, V. Carrasco-Fadanelli, A. Trokhymchuk

1212.6403 (Carlos E. Colosqui et al.)

Crossover from fast relaxation to physical aging in colloidal adsorption
at fluid interfaces

Carlos E. Colosqui, Jeffrey F. Morris, Joel Koplik

1212.6427 (F. Balboa Usabiaga et al.)

Inertial Coupling Method for particles in an incompressible fluctuating

F. Balboa Usabiaga, R. Delgado-Buscalioni, B. E. Griffith, A. Donev

1212.6497 (Wen-Sheng Xu et al.)

Hard ellipses: Equation of state, structure and self-diffusion    [PDF]

Wen-Sheng Xu, Yan-Wei Li, Zhao-Yan Sun, Li-Jia An

1212.6504 (Mite Mijalkov et al.)

Sorting of Chiral Microswimmers    [PDF]

Mite Mijalkov, Giovanni Volpe

1212.6514 (Prasun Ganguly et al.)

Electrically modulated photoluminescence in ferroelectric liquid crystal    [PDF]

Prasun Ganguly, T. Joshi, S. Singh, D. Haranath, A. M. Biradar

1212.6547 (Maximilien Levesque et al.)

Molecular diffusion between walls with adsorption and desorption    [PDF]

Maximilien Levesque, Olivier BĂ©nichou, Benjamin Rotenberg

1212.6569 (Yani Zhao et al.)

A numerical technique for preserving the topology of polymer knots: The
case of short-range attractive interactions

Yani Zhao, Franco Ferrari

1212.6583 (Masao Iwamatsu)

The characterization of wettability of substrates by liquid nanodrops    [PDF]

Masao Iwamatsu

1212.6688 (Bryan Gin-ge Chen et al.)

Threading the Needle: Generating Textures in Nematics    [PDF]

Bryan Gin-ge Chen, Paul J. Ackerman, Gareth P. Alexander, Randall D. Kamien, Ivan I. Smalyukh

1212.6947 (T. Ooshida et al.)

Analytical Calculation of Four-Point Correlations for a Simple Model of
Cages Involving Numerous Particles

T. Ooshida, S. Goto, T. Matsumoto, A. Nakahara, M. Otsuki