Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1301.6868 (Michel Destrade et al.)

Third- and fourth-order constants of incompressible soft solids and the
acousto-elastic effect

Michel Destrade, Michael D. Gilchrist, G. Saccomandi

1301.6957 (Thomas Gallot et al.)

Ultrafast ultrasonic imaging coupled to rheometry: principle and

Thomas Gallot, Christophe Perge, Vincent Grenard, Marc-Antoine Fardin, Nicolas Taberlet, Sebastien Manneville

1301.6964 (Michał Cieśla)

Random Sequential Adsorption of Polymer    [PDF]

Michał Cieśla

1301.6981 (Carl P. Goodrich et al.)

Stability of jammed packings I: the rigidity length scale    [PDF]

Carl P. Goodrich, Wouter G. Ellenbroek, Andrea J. Liu

1301.6982 (Samuel S. Schoenholz et al.)

Stability of jammed packings II: the transverse length scale    [PDF]

Samuel S. Schoenholz, Carl P. Goodrich, Oleg Kogan, Andrea J. Liu, Sidney R. Nagel

1301.6986 (Arnaud Hemmerle et al.)

Controlling interactions in supported bilayers from weak electrostatic
repulsion to high osmotic pressure

Arnaud Hemmerle, Linda Malaquin, Thierry Charitat, Sigolène Lecuyer, Giovanna Fragneto, Jean Daillant

1301.6990 (Felix Höfling et al.)

Anomalous transport in the crowded world of biological cells    [PDF]

Felix Höfling, Thomas Franosch

1301.7022 (Atefeh Khoshnood et al.)

Anomalous diffusion of proteins in sheared lipid membranes    [PDF]

Atefeh Khoshnood, Mir Abbas Jalali

Friday, January 25, 2013

1111.7225 (Edan Lerner et al.)

Simulations of driven overdamped frictionless hard spheres    [PDF]

Edan Lerner, Gustavo Düring, Matthieu Wyart

1212.5673 (Z. C. Tu)

Challenges in theoretical investigations on configurations of lipid

Z. C. Tu

1301.5732 (Michel Destrade et al.)

Third- and fourth-order elasticity of biological soft tissues    [PDF]

Michel Destrade, Michael D. Gilchrist, Raymond W. Ogden

1301.5794 (Zoe Budrikis et al.)

Size effects in dislocation depinning models for plastic yield    [PDF]

Zoe Budrikis, Stefano Zapperi

1301.5806 (I. M. Neklyudov et al.)

Features of coal dust dynamics at action of differently oriented forces
in granular filtering medium

I. M. Neklyudov, L. I. Fedorova, P. Ya. Poltinin, O. P. Ledenyov

1301.5834 (Marco Rivetti et al.)

Elasto-capillary meniscus : Pulling out a soft strip sticking to a
liquid surface

Marco Rivetti, Arnaud Antkowiak

1301.5840 (Deepak Kumar et al.)

Transition of a particle between adjacent optical traps: A study using
catastrophe theory

Deepak Kumar, Shankar Ghosh, S. Bhattacharya

1301.5853 (Peter Ortoleva et al.)

Hierarchical Multiscale Modeling of Macromolecules and their Assemblies    [PDF]

Peter Ortoleva, Abhishek Singharoy, Stephen Pankavich

1301.5890 (Robert Grossmann et al.)

Self-propelled particles with selective attraction-repulsion interaction
- From microscopic dynamics to hydrodynamics

Robert Grossmann, Lutz Schimansky-Geier, Pawel Romanczuk

Thursday, January 24, 2013

1301.5437 (Michel Destrade et al.)

Bimodular rubber buckles early in bending    [PDF]

Michel Destrade, Michael D. Gilchrist, Julie A. Motherway, Jerry G. Murphy

1301.5444 (J. Pekalski et al.)

Periodic ordering of clusters in a one-dimensional lattice model    [PDF]

J. Pekalski, A. Ciach, N. G. Almarza

1301.5540 (Christopher May et al.)

Surface melting of wet granular matter in two dimensions    [PDF]

Christopher May, Ingo Rehberg, Kai Huang

1301.5548 (Thomas Mueller et al.)

Scaling of the normal coefficient of restitution for wet impacts    [PDF]

Thomas Mueller, Frank Gollwitzer, Christof Kruelle, Ingo Rehberg, Kai Huang

1301.5549 (Nicolas Desreumaux et al.)

Hydrodynamic fluctuations in confined emulsions    [PDF]

Nicolas Desreumaux, Jean-Baptiste Caussin, Raphael Jeanneret, Eric Lauga, Denis Bartolo

1301.5550 (Kai Huang Lorenz Butzhammer et al.)

Dynamics of rotating spirals in agitated wet granular matter    [PDF]

Kai Huang Lorenz Butzhammer, Ingo Rehberg

1301.5592 (Marc Radu et al.)

Solvent hydrodynamics affect crystal nucleation in suspensions of
colloidal hard-spheres

Marc Radu, Tanja Schilling

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1301.5012 (Gregory M. Grason)

Frustration and Packing in Curved-Filament Assemblies: From Isometric to
Isomorphic Bundles

Gregory M. Grason

1301.5019 (Antoine Poumaere et al.)

Unsteady laminar pipe flow of a Carbopol gel. Part I: experiment    [PDF]

Antoine Poumaere, Miguel Moyers-Gonzalez, Cathy Castelain, Teodor Burghelea

1301.5039 (E. Pereira et al.)

Metric approach for sound propagation in nematic liquid crystals    [PDF]

E. Pereira, S. Fumeron, F. Moraes

1301.5117 (Micehl Destrade et al.)

On deforming a sector of a circular cylindrical tube into an intact
tube: existence, uniqueness, and stability

Micehl Destrade, Jerry G. Murphy, Ray W. Ogden

1301.5245 (J. Reinhardt et al.)

Density Functional approach to Nonlinear Rheology    [PDF]

J. Reinhardt, F. Weysser, J. M. Brader

1301.5253 (Sujit S. Datta et al.)

Drainage in a model stratified porous medium    [PDF]

Sujit S. Datta, David A. Weitz

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1301.4568 (A. Marbeuf et al.)

Molecular Dynamics of Spin Crossover: the (P,T) phase diagram of

A. Marbeuf, P. Négrier, S. F. Matar, L. Kabalan, J. F. Létard, P. Guionneau

1301.4592 (Thomas D. Kühne et al.)

Electronic signature of the instantaneous asymmetry in the first
coordination shell of liquid water

Thomas D. Kühne, Rustam Z. Khaliullin

1301.4697 (Jakub Barbasz et al.)

Domain structure created by irreversible adsorption of dimers    [PDF]

Jakub Barbasz, Michał Cieśla

1301.4734 (Antony Szu-Han Chen et al.)

Emergence of ripples on the surface of icicles    [PDF]

Antony Szu-Han Chen, Stephen W. Morris

1301.4883 (Amber T. Krummel et al.)

Visualizing multiphase flow and trapped fluid configurations in a model
three-dimensional porous medium

Amber T. Krummel, Sujit S. Datta, Stefan Münster, David A. Weitz

1301.4901 (Sebastian C. Kapfer et al.)

Sampling from a polytope and hard-disk Monte Carlo    [PDF]

Sebastian C. Kapfer, Werner Krauth

Monday, January 21, 2013

1301.4226 (Ariel Amir et al.)

Theory of interacting dislocations on cylinders    [PDF]

Ariel Amir, Jayson Paulose, David R. Nelson

1301.4298 (S. Ishihara et al.)

Comparative study of non-invasive force and stress inference methods in

S. Ishihara, K. Sugimura, S. J. Cox, I. Bonnet, Y. Bellaiche, F. Graner

1301.4323 (Anirban Polley et al.)

Bending elasticity of macromolecules: analytic predictions from the
wormlike chain model

Anirban Polley, Joseph Samuel, Supurna Sinha

1301.4324 (O. M. Braun et al.)

Size scaling of static friction    [PDF]

O. M. Braun, Nicola Manini, Erio Tosatti

1301.4355 (Marco Bellagamba et al.)

Tautomerism in liquid 1,2,3-triazole: a combined Energy-Dispersive X-Ray
Diffraction, Molecular Dynamics and FTIR study

Marco Bellagamba, Luigi Bencivenni, Lorenzo Gontrani, Leonardo Guidoni, Claudia Sadun

1301.4427 (Anier Hernández-García et al.)

Non-Steady wall-bounded flows of viscoelastic fluids under periodic

Anier Hernández-García, Antonio Fernández-Barbero, Oscar Sotolongo-Costa

1301.4449 (Jack F. Douglas)

Influence of Chain Structure and Swelling on the Elasticity of Rubbery
Materials: Localization Model Description

Jack F. Douglas

1301.4460 (Efi Efrati et al.)

Orientation-dependent measures of chirality    [PDF]

Efi Efrati, William T. M. Irvine

1301.4464 (Ryohei Seto et al.)

Compressive consolidation of strongly aggregated colloidal gels    [PDF]

Ryohei Seto, Robert Botet, Martine Meireles, Günter K. Auernhammer, Bernard Cabane

1301.4468 (Markus Gross et al.)

Interfacial roughening in non-ideal fluids: Dynamic scaling in the weak-
and strong-damping regime

Markus Gross, Fathollah Varnik

1301.4472 (Uwe Thiele et al.)

Localized states in the conserved Swift-Hohenberg equation with cubic

Uwe Thiele, Andrew J. Archer, Mark J. Robbins, Hector Gomez, Edgar Knobloch

Friday, January 18, 2013

1301.4021 (Yu. D. Fomin et al.)

Silica-Like Sequence of Anomalies in Core-Softened Systems    [PDF]

Yu. D. Fomin, E. N. Tsiok, V. N. Ryzhov

1301.4080 (Hideyuki Mizuno et al.)

Measuring Spatial Distribution of Local Elastic Modulus in Glasses    [PDF]

Hideyuki Mizuno, Stefano Mossa, Jean-Louis Barrat

1301.4092 (A. Amitai et al.)

Encounter dynamics of a small target by a polymer diffusing in a
confined domain

A. Amitai, Carlo Amoruso, Avi Ziskind, D. Holcman

1301.4099 (Vasily Kantsler et al.)

Ciliary contact interactions dominate surface scattering of swimming

Vasily Kantsler, Jörn Dunkel, Marco Polin, Raymond E. Goldstein

1301.4110 (Te-Sheng Lin et al.)

Note on the hydrodynamic description of thin nematic films: strong
anchoring model

Te-Sheng Lin, Linda J. Cummings, Andrew J. Archer, Lou Kondic, Uwe Thiele

1301.4118 (Ricardo Brito et al.)

Hydrodynamic modes in a confined granular fluid    [PDF]

Ricardo Brito, Dino Risso, Rodrigo Soto

Thursday, January 17, 2013

1301.3543 (Patric Mueller et al.)

Event-driven Molecular Dynamics of Soft Particles    [PDF]

Patric Mueller, Thorsten Poeschel

1301.3571 (Hidetsugu Sakaguchi et al.)

Numerical Simulation of Three-Dimensional Dendrites using Coupled Map

Hidetsugu Sakaguchi, Mai Gondou, Haruo Honjo

1301.3574 (M. G. Yucht et al.)

Dynamical behavior of disordered spring networks    [PDF]

M. G. Yucht, M. Sheinman, C. P. Broedersz

1301.3589 (M. Carme Calderer et al.)

Effective models for nematic liquid crystals composites with
ferromagnetic inclusions

M. Carme Calderer, Antonio DeSimone, Dmitry Golovaty, Alexander Panchenko

1301.3749 (Edgar M. Blokhuis)

The existence of a bending rigidity for a hard sphere liquid near a
curved hard wall: Helfrich or Hadwiger?

Edgar M. Blokhuis

1301.3800 (David A. Sivak et al.)

Time step rescaling recovers continuous-time dynamical properties for
discrete-time Langevin integration of nonequilibrium systems

David A. Sivak, John D. Chodera, Gavin E. Crooks

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1301.3308 (Bouzid Mehdi et al.)

Mechanical activation and non-local rheology in granular flows    [PDF]

Bouzid Mehdi, Martin Trulsson, Philippe Claudin, Eric Clément, Bruno Andreotti

1301.3348 (So Kitsunezaki)

Cracking Condition of Cohesionless Porous Materials in Drying Processes    [PDF]

So Kitsunezaki

1301.3349 (Diana Fusco et al.)

The crystallization of asymmetric patchy protein models    [PDF]

Diana Fusco, Patrick Charbonneau

1301.3410 (Christian Ligoure et al.)

Fractures in complex fluids: the case of transient networks    [PDF]

Christian Ligoure, Serge Mora

1301.3458 (Ying Wai Li et al.)

Surface adsorption of lattice HP proteins: Thermodynamics and structural
transitions using Wang-Landau sampling

Ying Wai Li, Thomas Wüst, David P. Landau

1301.3462 (Ying Wai Li et al.)

Generic folding and transition hierarchies for surface adsorption of
hydrophobic-polar lattice model proteins

Ying Wai Li, Thomas Wüst, David P. Landau

1301.3466 (Thomas Wüst et al.)

Unraveling the beautiful complexity of simple lattice model polymers and
proteins using Wang-Landau sampling

Thomas Wüst, Ying Wai Li, David P. Landau

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1301.2620 (Eliseo Ferrante et al.)

Elasticity-driven collective motion in active solids and active crystals    [PDF]

Eliseo Ferrante, Ali Emre Turgut, Marco Dorigo, Cristián Huepe

1301.2680 (Vitaly B. Svetovoy et al.)

Transient nanobubbles in short-time electrolysis    [PDF]

Vitaly B. Svetovoy, Remco G. P. Sanders, Miko C. Elwenspoek

1301.2700 (Sopan Phapal et al.)

Influence of Micro-mixing on the Size of Liposomes Self-Assembled from
Miscible Liquid Phases

Sopan Phapal, P Sunthar

1301.2768 (Sangrak Kim)

Validity of Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Soft Matter    [PDF]

Sangrak Kim

1301.2777 (Jean-Charles Walter et al.)

Unwinding relaxation dynamics of polymers    [PDF]

Jean-Charles Walter, Marco Baiesi, Gerard Barkema, Enrico Carlon

1301.2823 (Julia J. Mack et al.)

Real-Time Maps of Fluid Flow Fields in Porous Biomaterials    [PDF]

Julia J. Mack, Khalid Youssef, Onika D. V. Noel, Michael Lake, Ashley Wu, M. Luisa Iruela-Arispe, Louis-S. Bouchard

1301.2972 (Rodrigo A. Vicencio et al.)

Discrete flat-band solitons in the Kagome lattice    [PDF]

Rodrigo A. Vicencio, Magnus Johansson

Monday, January 14, 2013

1301.2349 (Chi-Deuk Yoo et al.)

The role of viscoelastic contrast in orientation selection of block
copolymer lamellar phases under oscillatory shear

Chi-Deuk Yoo, Jorge Vinals

1301.2403 (A. Vanossi et al.)

High-pressure lubricity at the meso- and nanoscale    [PDF]

A. Vanossi, A. Benassi, N. Varini, E. Tosatti

1301.2431 (Xabel Garcia et al.)

Light control of the flow of phototactic microswimmer suspensions    [PDF]

Xabel Garcia, Salima Rafaï, Philippe Peyla

1301.2451 (Christiane Alba-Simionesco et al.)

Effect of pressure on the number of dynamically correlated molecules
when approaching the glass transition

Christiane Alba-Simionesco, Cecile Dalle-Ferrier, Gilles Tarjus

1301.2477 (Alexandre Nicolas et al.)

Spatial cooperativity in microchannel flows of soft jammed materials: A
mesoscopic approach

Alexandre Nicolas, Jean-Louis Barrat

1301.2504 (Sarthok Sircar et al.)

Sticky Bacteria: Adhesion-Detachment Based Microbial Aggregation

Sarthok Sircar, David M. Bortz

1301.2526 (Matthias Schmidt et al.)

Power functional theory for Brownian dynamics    [PDF]

Matthias Schmidt, Joseph M. Brader

1301.2546 (Stephan Werth et al.)

The influence of the liquid slab thickness on the planar vapor-liquid
interfacial tension

Stephan Werth, Sergey Lishchuk, Martin Horsch, Hans Hasse

Friday, January 11, 2013

1301.2162 (R. E. Ryltsev et al.)

Superfragile glassy dynamics of onecomponent system with isotropic
potential: competition of diffusion and frustration

R. E. Ryltsev, N. M. Chtchelkatchev, V. N. Ryzhov

1301.2047 (Ken H. Nagai et al.)

Rotational motion of a droplet induced by interfacial tension    [PDF]

Ken H. Nagai, Fumi Takabatake, Yutaka Sumino, Hiroyuki Kitahta, Masatoshi Ichikawa, Natsuhiko Yoshinaga

1301.2078 (Benjamin Trendelkamp-Schroer et al.)

Efficient Bayesian estimation of Markov model transition matrices with
given stationary distribution

Benjamin Trendelkamp-Schroer, Frank Noe

1301.2207 (Shaikh M. Shamid et al.)

Landau theory-based estimates for viscosity coefficients of uniaxial and
biaxial nematic liquid crystals

Shaikh M. Shamid, David W. Allender

1301.2217 (J. A. Santiago et al.)

Elastic curves and surfaces under long-range forces: A geometric

J. A. Santiago, G. Chacon-Acosta, O. Gonzalez-Gaxiola

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1301.1357 (Xingkun Man et al.)

Coherent States Formulation of Polymer Field Theory    [PDF]

Xingkun Man, Kris T. Delaney, Michael C. Villet, Henri Orland, Glenn H. Fredrickson

1301.1369 (K. J. Challis et al.)

A Tight-Binding Approach to Overdamped Brownian Motion on a
Multidimensional Tilted Periodic Potential

K. J. Challis, Michael W. Jack

1301.1489 (D. V. Denisov et al.)

Resolving structural modifications of colloidal glasses by combining
x-ray scattering and rheology

D. V. Denisov, M. T. Dang, B. Struth, G. H. Wegdam, P. Schall

1301.1571 (Martial Mazars)

Melting in Monolayers : Hexatic and Fluid Phases    [PDF]

Martial Mazars

1301.1657 (Michael F. Hagan)

Modeling Viral Capsid Assembly    [PDF]

Michael F. Hagan

1301.1666 (Nikolai V. Priezjev)

Heterogeneous relaxation dynamics in amorphous materials under cyclic

Nikolai V. Priezjev

Friday, January 4, 2013

1301.0058 (Giovani L. Vasconcelos et al.)

Selection of the Taylor-Saffman Bubble without Surface Tension    [PDF]

Giovani L. Vasconcelos, Mark Mineev-Weinstein

1301.0312 (Shunsuke Yabunaka et al.)

Phase separation in a binary mixture confined between symmetric parallel
plates: Capillary condensation transition near the bulk critical point

Shunsuke Yabunaka, Ryuichi Okamoto, Akira Onuki

1301.0150 (Colin R. Meyer et al.)

Rotational diffusion of particles in turbulence    [PDF]

Colin R. Meyer, Evan A. Variano

1301.0166 (I. Y. Lyubimov et al.)

Theoretical Reconstruction of Realistic Dynamics of Highly
Coarse-Grained cis-1,4-Polybutadiene Melts

I. Y. Lyubimov, M. G. Guenza

1301.0238 (Pierre de Thier)

The Hydrophobic Aggregation of Two Colloids: A Thermodynamic Model    [PDF]

Pierre de Thier

1301.0382 (J. M. Deutsch)

Photo-mechanical energy conversion using polymer brush dissociation    [PDF]

J. M. Deutsch

1301.0437 (Pierre de Thier)

Some Thermodynamic Properties of Colloidal Dispersions    [PDF]

Pierre de Thier

1301.0527 (Pascal S. Raux et al.)

Wicking in a powder    [PDF]

Pascal S. Raux, Héloise Cockenpot, Marco Ramaioli, David Quéré, Christophe Clanet

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1212.6357 (M. Druchok et al.)

Temperature and pH driven association in uranyl aqueous solutions    [PDF]

M. Druchok, M. Holovko

1212.6358 (M. Schmidt et al.)

Recent developments in classical density functional theory: Internal
energy functional and diagrammatic structure of fundamental measure theory

M. Schmidt, M. Burgis, W. S. B. Dwandaru, G. Leithall, P. Hopkins

1212.6359 (A. Huerta et al.)

Towards frustration of freezing transition in a binary hard-disk mixture    [PDF]

A. Huerta, V. Carrasco-Fadanelli, A. Trokhymchuk

1212.6403 (Carlos E. Colosqui et al.)

Crossover from fast relaxation to physical aging in colloidal adsorption
at fluid interfaces

Carlos E. Colosqui, Jeffrey F. Morris, Joel Koplik

1212.6427 (F. Balboa Usabiaga et al.)

Inertial Coupling Method for particles in an incompressible fluctuating

F. Balboa Usabiaga, R. Delgado-Buscalioni, B. E. Griffith, A. Donev

1212.6497 (Wen-Sheng Xu et al.)

Hard ellipses: Equation of state, structure and self-diffusion    [PDF]

Wen-Sheng Xu, Yan-Wei Li, Zhao-Yan Sun, Li-Jia An

1212.6504 (Mite Mijalkov et al.)

Sorting of Chiral Microswimmers    [PDF]

Mite Mijalkov, Giovanni Volpe

1212.6514 (Prasun Ganguly et al.)

Electrically modulated photoluminescence in ferroelectric liquid crystal    [PDF]

Prasun Ganguly, T. Joshi, S. Singh, D. Haranath, A. M. Biradar

1212.6547 (Maximilien Levesque et al.)

Molecular diffusion between walls with adsorption and desorption    [PDF]

Maximilien Levesque, Olivier Bénichou, Benjamin Rotenberg

1212.6569 (Yani Zhao et al.)

A numerical technique for preserving the topology of polymer knots: The
case of short-range attractive interactions

Yani Zhao, Franco Ferrari

1212.6583 (Masao Iwamatsu)

The characterization of wettability of substrates by liquid nanodrops    [PDF]

Masao Iwamatsu

1212.6688 (Bryan Gin-ge Chen et al.)

Threading the Needle: Generating Textures in Nematics    [PDF]

Bryan Gin-ge Chen, Paul J. Ackerman, Gareth P. Alexander, Randall D. Kamien, Ivan I. Smalyukh

1212.6947 (T. Ooshida et al.)

Analytical Calculation of Four-Point Correlations for a Simple Model of
Cages Involving Numerous Particles

T. Ooshida, S. Goto, T. Matsumoto, A. Nakahara, M. Otsuki