Thursday, March 22, 2012

1010.4540 (D. Lucena et al.)

Transition from single-file to two-dimensional diffusion of interacting
particles in a quasi-one-dimensional channel

D. Lucena, D. V. Tkachenko, K. Nelissen, V. R. Misko, W. P. Ferreira, G. A. Farias, F. M. Peeters

1111.4323 (Jean-Charles Walter et al.)

Fractional Brownian motion and the critical dynamics of zipping polymers    [PDF]

Jean-Charles Walter, Alessandro Ferrantini, Enrico Carlon, Carlo Vanderzande

1203.4559 (Gwennou Coupier et al.)

Shape diagram of vesicles in Poiseuille flow    [PDF]

Gwennou Coupier, Alexander Farutin, Christophe Minetti, Thomas Podgorski, Chaouqi Misbah

1203.4589 (Adam B. Hopkins et al.)

Nonequilibrium static diverging length scales on approaching a
prototypical model glassy state

Adam B. Hopkins, Frank H. Stillinger, Sal Torquato

1203.4633 (P. S. Goohpattader et al.)

Random Motion with Interfacial Contact: Driven Diffusion vis-a-vis
Mechanical Activation

P. S. Goohpattader, M. K. Chaudhury

1203.4707 (Carlos E. Alvarez et al.)

Percolation and orientational ordering in systems of magnetic nanorods    [PDF]

Carlos E. Alvarez, Sabine H. L. Klapp

1203.4766 (Chantal Valeriani et al.)

From compact to fractal crystalline clusters in concentrated systems of
monodisperse hard spheres

Chantal Valeriani, Eduardo Sanz, Peter N. Pusey, Wilson C. K. Poon, Michael E. Cates, Emanuela Zaccarelli

1203.4799 (Franck Celestini et al.)

Effect of an electric field on a Leidenfrost droplet    [PDF]

Franck Celestini, G. Kirstetter