Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1209.3845 (Jemal Guven et al.)

Confining spheres within hyperspheres    [PDF]

Jemal Guven, José Antonio Santiago, Pablo Vázquez-Montejo

1209.3897 (D. Chakraborty)

Time correlations and persistence probability of a Brownian particle in
a shear flow

D. Chakraborty

1209.3911 (Celia Lozano et al.)

Flow and clogging in a silo with an obstacle above the orifice    [PDF]

Celia Lozano, Alvaro Janda, Angel Garcimartin, Diego Maza, Iker Zuriguel

1209.3930 (K. Vollmayr-Lee et al.)

Microscopic picture of aging in SiO2    [PDF]

K. Vollmayr-Lee, R. Bjorkquist, L. M. Chambers

1209.3973 (Isla Zhang et al.)

Phase separation dynamics in colloid-polymer mixtures: the effect of
interaction range

Isla Zhang, C. Patrick Royall, Paul Bartlett, Malcolm A. Faers

1209.4004 (Shiladitya Banerjee et al.)

Polymorphism and bistability in adherent cells    [PDF]

Shiladitya Banerjee, Luca Giomi