Monday, September 17, 2012

1209.3069 (Leiming Chen et al.)

The Smectic A to C Phase Transition in Isotropic Disordered Environments    [PDF]

Leiming Chen, John Toner

1209.3083 (Christoph A. Haselwandter et al.)

Directional Interactions between Membrane Proteins    [PDF]

Christoph A. Haselwandter, Rob Phillips

1209.3122 (Richard Matthews et al.)

Influence of Fluctuating Membranes on Self-Assembly of Patchy Colloids    [PDF]

Richard Matthews, Christos N. Likos

1209.3159 (Eli T. Owens et al.)

Acoustic measurement of a granular density of modes    [PDF]

Eli T. Owens, Karen E. Daniels

1209.3225 (Joonas Piili et al.)

Sedimentation of Knotted Polymers    [PDF]

Joonas Piili, Davide Marenduzzo, Kimmo Kaski, Riku Linna

1209.3228 (Nigel B. Wilding et al.)

A Monte Carlo method for chemical potential determination in single and
multiple occupancy crystals

Nigel B. Wilding, Peter Sollich

1209.3250 (Mirna Mihovilovic et al.)

The Statistics of DNA Capture by a Solid-State Nanopore    [PDF]

Mirna Mihovilovic, Nick Hagerty, Derek Stein

1209.3264 (Liao Y. Chen)

Glycerol Modulates Water Permeation through Escherichia coli
Aquaglyceroporin GlpF

Liao Y. Chen

1209.3279 (Hendrick W. de Haan et al.)

Translocation of a Polymer through a Nanopore across a Viscosity

Hendrick W. de Haan, Gary W. Slater