Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1211.0662 (Changbong Hyeon et al.)

Hidden Complexity in the Isomerization Dynamics of Holliday Junctions    [PDF]

Changbong Hyeon, Jinwoo Lee, Jeseong Yoon, Sungchul Hohng, D. Thirumalai

1211.0674 (Olivier Bénichou et al.)

Anomalous field-induced growth of fluctuations in dynamics of a biased
intruder moving in a quiescent medium

Olivier Bénichou, Carlos Mejía-Monasterio, Gleb Oshanin

1211.0675 (R. Stepanyan et al.)

Controlled Nanoparticle Formation by Diffusion Limited Coalescence    [PDF]

R. Stepanyan, J. G. J. L. Lebouille, J. J. M. Slot, R. Tuinier, M. A. Cohen Stuart

1211.0686 (Shiladitya Sengupta et al.)

Breakdown of the Stokes-Einstein relation in two, three and four

Shiladitya Sengupta, Smarajit Karmakar, Chandan Dasgupta, Srikanth Sastry

1211.0778 (Kang Kim et al.)

Multiple length and time scales of dynamic heterogeneities in model
glass-forming liquids: A systematic analysis of multi-point and multi-time

Kang Kim, Shinji Saito

1211.0796 (James F. Lutsko)

Direct correlation function from the consistent fundamental-measure free
energies for hard-sphere mixtures

James F. Lutsko

1211.0800 (Zaixing Huang)

Lagrangian formulism of elasticity with relevance to surface energy    [PDF]

Zaixing Huang

1211.0851 (Anja Muzdalo et al.)

Rationalizing polymer swelling and collapse under repulsive to highly
attractive cosolvent conditions

Anja Muzdalo, Jan Heyda, Joachim Dzubiella

1211.0880 (Brian Seguin et al.)

Statistical-mechanical derivation of the Canham--Helfrich free-energy

Brian Seguin, Eliot Fried

1211.0908 (Ari Adland et al.)

Phase-field-crystal study of grain boundary premelting and shearing in
bcc iron

Ari Adland, Alain Karma, Robert Spatschek, Dorel Buta, Mark Asta

1211.0911 (Robert Spatschek et al.)

Structural short-range forces between solid-melt interfaces    [PDF]

Robert Spatschek, Ari Adland, Alain Karma