Friday, September 28, 2012

1209.6078 (Yan Feng et al.)

Observation of temperature peaks due to strong viscous heating in a
dusty plasma flow

Yan Feng, J. Goree, Bin Liu

1209.6108 (J. Clara-Rahola et al.)

2D Au@PNiPAM microgel arrays suitable for photonic devices with
thermally controlled interparticle gap

J. Clara-Rahola, R. Contreras Caceres, A. Fernandez-Barbero

1209.6114 (Shin-ichi Ito et al.)

Dynamical scaling of fragment distribution in drying paste    [PDF]

Shin-ichi Ito, Satoshi Yukawa

1209.6180 (Walter Mickel et al.)

Shortcomings of the Bond Orientational Order Parameters for the Analysis
of Disordered Particulate Matter

Walter Mickel, Sebastian C. Kapfer, Gerd E. Schröder-Turk, Klaus Mecke

1209.6317 (John Y. Fu)

On the physical origin of fatigue phenomena    [PDF]

John Y. Fu

1209.6319 (Pierre de Buyl et al.)

Phoretic self-propulsion: a mesoscopic description of reaction dynamics
that powers motion

Pierre de Buyl, Raymond Kapral

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1209.5475 (Ramakrishna Podila et al.)

Effects of surface functional groups on the formation of
nanoparticle-protein corona

Ramakrishna Podila, Ran Chen, Pu Chun Ke, Apparao M. Rao

1209.5560 (Baptiste Percier et al.)

Modelling Washboard Road: from experimental measurements to linear
stability analysis

Baptiste Percier, Sébastien Manneville, Nicolas Taberlet

1209.5646 (S. Martens et al.)

Hydrodynamically enforced entropic trapping of Brownian particles    [PDF]

S. Martens, A. V. Straube, G. Schmid, L. Schimansky-Geier, P. Hänggi

1209.5649 (Yan Feng et al.)

Energy Transport in a Shear Flow of Particles in a 2D Dusty Plasma    [PDF]

Yan Feng, J. Goree, Bin Liu

1209.5676 (Yi Fan et al.)

Stratification, segregation and mixing of granular materials in quasi-2D
bounded heaps

Yi Fan, Youcef Boukerkour, Thibault Blanc, Paul B. Umbanhowar, Julio M. Ottino, Richard M. Lueptow

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1201.2297 (Anh D. Phan et al.)

Temperature phase transition model for the DNA-CNTs-based nanotweezers    [PDF]

Anh D. Phan, N. A. Viet

1209.4914 (Robert A. Pelcovits et al.)

Nematic topological defects in the presence of axisymmetric fluid flow    [PDF]

Robert A. Pelcovits, Pengyu Liu

1209.4983 (Sara L. Cormier et al.)

Beyond Tanner's Law: Crossover between Spreading Regimes of a Viscous
Droplet on an Identical Film

Sara L. Cormier, Joshua D. McGraw, Thomas Salez, Elie Raphael, Kari Dalnoki-Veress

1209.5002 (Zoryana Usatenko)

Adsorption of polymer chains on structured surface: field theoretical

Zoryana Usatenko

1209.5073 (Anh D. Phan et al.)

A model of an optical biosensor detecting environment    [PDF]

Anh D. Phan, Dustin A. Tracy, N. A. Viet

1209.5098 (Charles Sanson et al.)

Doxorubicin Loaded Magnetic Polymersomes: Theranostic Nanocarriers for
MR Imaging and Magneto-Chemotherapy

Charles Sanson, Odile Diou, Julie Thevenot, Emmanuel Ibarboure, Alain Soum, Annie Brûlet, Sylvain Miraux, Eric Thiaudière, Sisareuth Tan, Alain Brisson, Vincent Dupuis, Olivier Sandre, Sébastien Lecommandoux

1209.5147 (Carlos E. Colosqui et al.)

Hydrodynamically-driven colloidal assembly in the thin-film entrainment

Carlos E. Colosqui, Jeffrey M. Morris, Howard H. Stone

1209.5249 (Damien Habault et al.)

Droplet microfluidics to prepare magnetic polymer vesicles and to
confine the heat in magnetic hyperthermia

Damien Habault, Alexandre Déry, Jacques Leng, Sébastien Lecommandoux, Jean-François Le Meins, Olivier Sandre

1209.5250 (Karan Kapoor et al.)

A new tuning fork-based instrument for oscillatory shear rheology of
nano-confined liquids

Karan Kapoor, Vinod Kanawade, Vibham Shukla, Shivprasad Patil

1209.5291 (Claus Heussinger)

Stress relaxation through crosslink unbinding in cytoskeletal networks    [PDF]

Claus Heussinger

1209.5304 (Badr Kaoui et al.)

Complex Dynamics of a Multilamellar Vesicle in Shear Flow    [PDF]

Badr Kaoui, Timm Krüger, Jens Harting

1209.5326 (Awadhesh Kumar Dubey et al.)

Granular gas of viscoelastic particles in a heated and force-free state    [PDF]

Awadhesh Kumar Dubey, Anna Bodrova, Sanjay Puri, Nikolai Brilliantov

1209.5334 (Barbara Capone et al.)

Telechelic star polymers as self-assembling units from the molecular to
the macroscopic scaleBarbara Capone

Barbara Capone, Ivan Coluzza, Federica Lo verso, Christos N. Likos, Ronald Blaak

1209.5377 (Frédéric Chevy et al.)

Liquid Hertz Contact: softness of weakly deformed drops on non-wetting

Frédéric Chevy, Alexei Chepelianskii, David Quéré, Elie Raphaël

1209.5381 (R. Portela et al.)

Real-time characterization of the mechanical behaviour of an actively
growing bacterial culture by rheology

R. Portela, P. L. Almeida, P. Patricio, T. Cidade, R. G. Sobral, C. R. Leal

1209.5383 (Brian B. Laird et al.)

Interfacial free energy of a hard-sphere fluid in contact with curved
hard surfaces

Brian B. Laird, Ruslan L. Davidchack

Friday, September 21, 2012

1108.2636 (Christian L. Klix et al.)

Glass elasticity from particle trajectories    [PDF]

Christian L. Klix, Florian Ebert, Fabian Weysser, Matthias Fuchs, Georg Maret, Peter Keim

1201.4353 (Jasper F. Kok et al.)

The physics of wind-blown sand and dust    [PDF]

Jasper F. Kok, Eric J. R. Parteli, Timothy I. Michaels, Diana Bou Karam

1209.3592 (P. Butera)

The high-temperature expansions of the higher susceptibilities for the
Ising model in general dimension d

P. Butera

1209.4461 (Abdoulaye Fall et al.)

Rheology of sedimenting particle pastes    [PDF]

Abdoulaye Fall, Henri de Cagny, Daniel Bonn, Guillaume Ovarlez, Elie Wandersman, Joshua A. Dijksman, Martin van Hecke

1209.4481 (Nariya Uchida et al.)

Hydrodynamic Synchronization between Objects with Cyclic Rigid

Nariya Uchida, Ramin Golestanian

1209.4507 (A. Shahin et al.)

Interface Induced Anisotropy and nematic glass/gel state in Jammed
Aqueous Laponite Suspensions

A. Shahin, Yogesh M Joshi, S. Anantha Ramakrishna

1209.4511 (A. Shahin et al.)

Hyper-aging Dynamics of Nano-clay Suspension    [PDF]

A. Shahin, Yogesh M Joshi

1209.4513 (Asima Shaukat et al.)

Shear Mediated Elongational Flow and Yielding in Soft Glassy Materials    [PDF]

Asima Shaukat, Manish Kaushal, Ashutosh Sharma, Yogesh M. Joshi

1209.4516 (Thomas L. Beck)

The influence of water interfacial potentials on ion hydration free
energies and density profiles near the surface

Thomas L. Beck

1209.4526 (M. Bier et al.)

The structure of fluids with impurities    [PDF]

M. Bier, L. Harnau

1209.4528 (S. Rosenfeldt et al.)

Patchy worm-like micelles: solution structure studied by small-angle
neutron scattering

S. Rosenfeldt, F. Luedel, C. Schulreich, T. Hellweg, A. Radulescu, J. Schmelz, H. Schmalz, L. Harnau

1209.4529 (Xiongce Zhao)

A Monte Carlo simulation study on the wetting behavior of water on
graphite surface

Xiongce Zhao

1209.4555 (Y. Norizoe et al.)

Molecular simulation of 2-dimensional microphase separation of
single-component homopolymers grafted onto a planar substrate

Y. Norizoe, H. Jinnai, A. Takahara

Thursday, September 20, 2012

1105.5350 (Thomas Vogel et al.)

Morphological Similarities between Single-walled Nanotubes and Tubelike
Structures of Polymers with Strong Adsorption Affinity to Nanowires

Thomas Vogel, Tali Mutat, Joan Adler, Michael Bachmann

1209.4137 (Peter J. Yunker et al.)

Effects of Particle Shape on Growth Dynamics at Edges of Evaporating
Colloidal Drops

Peter J. Yunker, Matthew A. Lohr, Tim Still, Alexei Borodin, D. J. Durian, A. G. Yodh

1209.4164 (Marie-Therese Wolfram et al.)

Modeling and simulation of synthetic nanopores using MsSimPore    [PDF]

Marie-Therese Wolfram, Jan-Frederik Pietschmann, Martin Burger, Christina Trautmann, Zuzanna Siwy, Veronika Bayer, Gael Nguyen, Matthew Pevarnik

1209.4189 (Paolo Malgaretti et al.)

Running faster together: huge speed up of thermal ratchets due to
hydrodynamic coupling

Paolo Malgaretti, Ignacio Pagonabarraga, Daan Frenkel

1209.4248 (Xiongce Zhao)

A simple function for calculating the interaction between a molecule and
a graphene sheet

Xiongce Zhao

1209.4276 (Anna Bodrova et al.)

Intermediate regimes in granular Brownian motion: Superdiffusion and

Anna Bodrova, Awadhesh Kumar Dubey, Sanjay Puri, Nikolai Brilliantov

1209.4325 (Guillaume Ovarlez et al.)

On the existence of a simple yield stress fluid behavior    [PDF]

Guillaume Ovarlez, Sylvie Cohen-Addad, Kapil Krishan, Julie Goyon, Philippe Coussot

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1209.3845 (Jemal Guven et al.)

Confining spheres within hyperspheres    [PDF]

Jemal Guven, José Antonio Santiago, Pablo Vázquez-Montejo

1209.3897 (D. Chakraborty)

Time correlations and persistence probability of a Brownian particle in
a shear flow

D. Chakraborty

1209.3911 (Celia Lozano et al.)

Flow and clogging in a silo with an obstacle above the orifice    [PDF]

Celia Lozano, Alvaro Janda, Angel Garcimartin, Diego Maza, Iker Zuriguel

1209.3930 (K. Vollmayr-Lee et al.)

Microscopic picture of aging in SiO2    [PDF]

K. Vollmayr-Lee, R. Bjorkquist, L. M. Chambers

1209.3973 (Isla Zhang et al.)

Phase separation dynamics in colloid-polymer mixtures: the effect of
interaction range

Isla Zhang, C. Patrick Royall, Paul Bartlett, Malcolm A. Faers

1209.4004 (Shiladitya Banerjee et al.)

Polymorphism and bistability in adherent cells    [PDF]

Shiladitya Banerjee, Luca Giomi

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1209.3321 (Zi Chen et al.)

Continuum Elasticity Theory Approach for Spontaneous Bending and
Twisting of Ribbons Induced by Mechanical Anisotropy

Zi Chen, Carmel Majidi, David J. Srolovitz, Mikko Haataja

1209.3329 (Dmitri O. Pushkin et al.)

Fluid transport by individual microswimmers    [PDF]

Dmitri O. Pushkin, Henry Shum, Julia M. Yeomans

1209.3334 (Massimo Pica Ciamarra et al.)

High--order jamming crossovers and density anomalies    [PDF]

Massimo Pica Ciamarra, Peter Sollich

1209.3362 (Giovanni Cerchiari et al.)

Quasi-real-time analysis of dynamic near field scattering data using a
graphics processing unit

Giovanni Cerchiari, Fabrizio Croccolo, Frédéric Cardinaux, Frank Scheffold

1209.3401 (C. Brun et al.)

Evidence of growing spatial correlations during the aging of glassy

C. Brun, F. Ladieu, L'Hôte, G. Biroli, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud

1209.3514 (Ronald R. Horgan et al.)

Aspects of One-Dimensional Coulomb Gases    [PDF]

Ronald R. Horgan, David S. Dean, Vincent Démery, Thomas C. Hammant, Ali Naji, Rudolf Podgornik

1209.3515 (David S. Dean et al.)

Coulomb interactions between disordered charge distributions    [PDF]

David S. Dean, Ali Naji, Ronald R. Horgan, Jalal Sarabadani, Rudolf Podgornik

1209.3537 (Andreas M. Menzel et al.)

Traveling and resting crystals in active systems    [PDF]

Andreas M. Menzel, Hartmut Löwen

1209.3542 (Aiguo Xu et al.)

Lattice Boltzmann modeling and simulation of compressible flows    [PDF]

Aiguo Xu, Guangcai Zhang, Yanbiao Gan, Feng Chen, Xijun Yu

1209.3618 (Joost de Graaf et al.)

Electrostatic Interactions between Janus Particles    [PDF]

Joost de Graaf, Niels Boon, Marjolein Dijkstra, René van Roij

1209.3667 (Eva Zimmermann et al.)

Efficiencies of a molecular motor: A generic hybrid model applied to the

Eva Zimmermann, Udo Seifert

1209.3674 (Kyohei Takae et al.)

Molecular dynamics simulation of orientational glass formation in
anisotropic particle systems in three dimensions

Kyohei Takae, Akira Onuki

1209.3723 (Robert W. Style et al.)

Universal deformation of soft substrates near a contact line and the
direct measurement of solid surface stresses

Robert W. Style, Yonglu Che, John. S. Wettlaufer, Larry A. Wilen, Eric R. Dufresne

Monday, September 17, 2012

1209.3069 (Leiming Chen et al.)

The Smectic A to C Phase Transition in Isotropic Disordered Environments    [PDF]

Leiming Chen, John Toner

1209.3083 (Christoph A. Haselwandter et al.)

Directional Interactions between Membrane Proteins    [PDF]

Christoph A. Haselwandter, Rob Phillips

1209.3122 (Richard Matthews et al.)

Influence of Fluctuating Membranes on Self-Assembly of Patchy Colloids    [PDF]

Richard Matthews, Christos N. Likos

1209.3159 (Eli T. Owens et al.)

Acoustic measurement of a granular density of modes    [PDF]

Eli T. Owens, Karen E. Daniels

1209.3225 (Joonas Piili et al.)

Sedimentation of Knotted Polymers    [PDF]

Joonas Piili, Davide Marenduzzo, Kimmo Kaski, Riku Linna

1209.3228 (Nigel B. Wilding et al.)

A Monte Carlo method for chemical potential determination in single and
multiple occupancy crystals

Nigel B. Wilding, Peter Sollich

1209.3250 (Mirna Mihovilovic et al.)

The Statistics of DNA Capture by a Solid-State Nanopore    [PDF]

Mirna Mihovilovic, Nick Hagerty, Derek Stein

1209.3264 (Liao Y. Chen)

Glycerol Modulates Water Permeation through Escherichia coli
Aquaglyceroporin GlpF

Liao Y. Chen

1209.3279 (Hendrick W. de Haan et al.)

Translocation of a Polymer through a Nanopore across a Viscosity

Hendrick W. de Haan, Gary W. Slater

Friday, September 14, 2012

1201.3650 (Edan Lerner et al.)

Toward a microscopic description of flow near the jamming threshold    [PDF]

Edan Lerner, Gustavo Düring, Matthieu Wyart

1209.2814 (Atsushi Ikeda et al.)

Dynamic criticality at the jamming transition    [PDF]

Atsushi Ikeda, Ludovic Berthier, Giulio Biroli

1209.2834 (A. D. Chepelianskii et al.)

Long range electronic tranport in DNA molecules deposited across a
disconnected array of metallic nanoparticles

A. D. Chepelianskii, D. Klinov, A. Kasumov, S. Guéron, O. Pietrement, S. Lyonnais, H. Bouchiat

1209.2837 (Li-Hua Luu et al.)

Capillary-like Fluctuations of a Solid-Liquid Interface in a
Non-Cohesive Granular System

Li-Hua Luu, Nicolas Mujica, Rodrigo Soto

1209.2904 (Cemil Yigit et al.)

Sorption of proteins to charged microgels: characterizing binding
isotherms and driving forces

Cemil Yigit, Nicole Welsch, Matthias Ballauff, Joachim Dzubiella

Thursday, September 13, 2012

1209.2444 (Brian Moths et al.)

Full alignment of colloidal objects by programmed forcing    [PDF]

Brian Moths, T. A. Witten

1209.2571 (Trond S. Ingebrigtsen et al.)

NVU dynamics. III. Simulating molecules at constant potential energy    [PDF]

Trond S. Ingebrigtsen, Jeppe C. Dyre

1209.2600 (Michael Niebling et al.)

Numerical studies of aerofractures in porous media / Estudios numericos
de aerofractures en medios porosos

Michael Niebling, Renaud Toussaint, Eirik Grude Flekkøy, K. J. Måløy

1209.2607 (Marco Baiesi et al.)

Universal properties of knotted polymer rings    [PDF]

Marco Baiesi, Enzo Orlandini

1209.2608 (Santi Prestipino et al.)

Hexatic phase and water-like anomalies in a two-dimensional fluid of
particles with a weakly softened core

Santi Prestipino, Franz Saija, Paolo V. Giaquinta

1209.2648 (Miguel A. Durán-Olivencia et al.)

A Brownian Model for Crystal Nucleation    [PDF]

Miguel A. Durán-Olivencia, Fermín Otálora

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1209.2141 (Jemal Guven et al.)

Force dipoles and local defects on flat fluid membranes    [PDF]

Jemal Guven, Pablo Vázquez-Montejo

1209.2149 (Arthur A. Evans et al.)

Elastocapillary self-folding: buckling, wrinkling and collapse of
floating filaments

Arthur A. Evans, Saverio E. Spagnolie, Denis Bartolo, Eric Lauga

1209.2254 (Nicoletta Gnan et al.)

Tuning effective interactions close to the critical point in colloidal

Nicoletta Gnan, Emanuela Zaccarelli, Francesco Sciortino

1209.2267 (Nicoletta Gnan et al.)

Properties of patchy colloidal particles close to a surface: a Monte
Carlo and density functional study

Nicoletta Gnan, Daniel de las Heras, José Maria Tavares, Margarida M. Telo da Gama, Francesco Sciortino

1209.2290 (M. E. Cates)

Complex Fluids: The Physics of Emulsions    [PDF]

M. E. Cates

1209.2301 (R. H. Dong et al.)

Creep motion of a domain wall in the two-dimensional random-field Ising
model with a driving field

R. H. Dong, B. Zheng, N. J. Zhou

1209.2325 (Kuniyasu Saitoh et al.)

Time Dependent Ginzburg-Landau Equation for Sheared Granular Flow    [PDF]

Kuniyasu Saitoh, Hisao Hayakawa

1209.2330 (Kuniyasu Saitoh et al.)

Slow Dynamics Near Jamming    [PDF]

Kuniyasu Saitoh, Vanessa Magnanimo, Stefan Luding

1209.2343 (Mew-Bing Wan et al.)

Directed Motion of Elongated Active Polymers    [PDF]

Mew-Bing Wan, YongSeok Jho

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1209.1669 (David T. Limmer et al.)

Solvation at Aqueous Metal Electrodes    [PDF]

David T. Limmer, Adam P. Willard, Paul A. Madden, David Chandler

1209.1717 (Yani Zhao et al.)

Topological effects in the thermal properties of knotted polymer rings    [PDF]

Yani Zhao, Franco Ferrari

1209.1834 (Maria L. Ekiel-Jezewska)

Swarms of particles settling under gravity in a viscous fluid    [PDF]

Maria L. Ekiel-Jezewska

1209.1863 (Quan Zhang et al.)

Smectic order, pinning, and phase transition in a smectic liquid crystal
cell with a random substrate

Quan Zhang, Leo Radzihovsky

1209.2009 (B. Lander et al.)

Noninvasive Measurement of Dissipation in Colloidal Systems    [PDF]

B. Lander, J. Mehl, V. Blickle, C. Bechinger, U. Seifert

1209.2030 (B. Ruta et al.)

Atomic-scale relaxation dynamics and aging in a metallic glass probed by
X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy

B. Ruta, Y. Chushkin, G. Monaco, L. Cipelletti, E. Pineda, P. Bruna, V. M. Giordano, M. Gonzalez-Silveira

Monday, September 10, 2012

1209.1448 (Phil Attard)

Design of Chemotaxis Devices Using Nano-Motors    [PDF]

Phil Attard

1209.1455 (Lukas Bogunovic et al.)

Chiral particle separation by a non-chiral micro-lattice    [PDF]

Lukas Bogunovic, Marc Fliedner, Ralf Eichhorn, Sonja Wegener, Jan Regtmeier, Dario Anselmetti, Peter Reimann

1209.1471 (Daniele Coslovich et al.)

Cluster glasses of ultrasoft particles    [PDF]

Daniele Coslovich, Marco Bernabei, Angel J. Moreno

1209.1504 (Clive Emary et al.)

A minimal model for short-time diffusion in periodic potentials    [PDF]

Clive Emary, Robert Gernert, Sabine H. L. Klapp

1209.1538 (Thomas Guérin et al.)

Non-Markovian polymer reaction kinetics    [PDF]

Thomas Guérin, Olivier Bénichou, Raphaël Voituriez

1209.1572 (Anjan Roy et al.)

Tagged particle diffusion in one-dimensional gas with Hamiltonian

Anjan Roy, Onuttom Narayan, Abhishek Dhar, Sanjib Sabhapandit

Thursday, September 6, 2012

1209.0758 (Sujit S. Datta et al.)

How Does A Porous Shell Collapse? Delayed Buckling And Guided Folding Of
Inhomogeneous Capsules

Sujit S. Datta, Shin-Hyun Kim, Jayson Paulose, Alireza Abbaspourrad, David R. Nelson, David A. Weitz

1209.0902 (Nicolas Desreumaux et al.)

Active and driven hydrodynamic crystals    [PDF]

Nicolas Desreumaux, Nicolas Florent, Eric Lauga, Denis Bartolo

1209.0904 (Ken Lichtner et al.)

Feedback-induced oscillations in one-dimensional colloidal transport    [PDF]

Ken Lichtner, Andrey Pototsky, Sabine H. L. Klapp

1209.0919 (Nirmalendu Ganai et al.)

Crystallization and order-disorder transition of colloidal particles in
a drying suspension: a phase field crystal approach

Nirmalendu Ganai, Arnab Saha, Surajit Sengupta

1209.0929 (S. M. Fielding et al.)

Modeling the Relaxation of Polymer Glasses under Shear and Elongational

S. M. Fielding, R. L. Moorcroft, R. G. Larson, M. E. Cates

1209.1008 (Nikita Tretyakov et al.)

Parameter passing between Molecular Dynamics and continuum models for
droplets on solid substrates - I. The static case

Nikita Tretyakov, Marcus Müller, Uwe Thiele, Desislava Todorova

1209.1070 (Y. Wei et al.)

Effect of hydrogel particle additives on water-accessible pore structure
of sandy soils: A custom pressure plate apparatus and capillary bundle model

Y. Wei, D. J. Durian

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

0809.3188 (Alexis Prevost et al.)

Probing the micromechanics of a multi-contact interface at the onset of
frictional sliding

Alexis Prevost, Julien Scheibert, Georges Debrégeas

1107.0217 (Simen Å. Ellingsen et al.)

Static and dynamic response of a fluid-fluid interface to electric point
and line charge

Simen Å. Ellingsen, Iver Brevik

1112.0747 (Rudolf Weeber et al.)

Hydrodynamic interactions in active colloidal crystal microrheology    [PDF]

Rudolf Weeber, Jens Harting

1209.0031 (John Gemmer et al.)

Shape Transitions in Hyperbolic Non-Euclidean Plates    [PDF]

John Gemmer, Shankar Venkataramani

1209.0032 (Hans M. Wyss et al.)

Capillary micromechanics: Measuring the elasticity of microscopic soft

Hans M. Wyss, Thomas Franke, Elisa Mele, David A. Weitz

1209.0035 (Jessica Hughes et al.)

A Classical Density-Functional Theory for Describing Water Interfaces    [PDF]

Jessica Hughes, Eric Krebs, David Roundy

1209.0149 (Takashi Uneyama et al.)

Crossover Time in Relative Fluctuations Characterizes the Longest
Relaxation Time of Entangled Polymers

Takashi Uneyama, Takuma Akimoto, Tomoshige Miyaguchi

1209.0163 (Ranganathan Prabhakar)

Enhancement of coil-stretch hysteresis by self-concentration in polymer

Ranganathan Prabhakar

1209.0205 (Martin Lundgren et al.)

On correlation between protein secondary structure, backbone bond
angles, and side-chain orientations

Martin Lundgren, Antti J. Niemi

1209.0208 (Martin Lundgren et al.)

Protein loops, solitons and side-chain visualization with applications
to the left-handed helix region

Martin Lundgren, Antti J. Niemi, Fan Sha

1209.0255 (A. De Virgiliis et al.)

Unexpected crossover dynamics of single polymer in a corrugated tube    [PDF]

A. De Virgiliis, L. Kuban, J. Paturej, D. Mukherji

1209.0360 (R. H. Dong et al.)

Critical domain-wall dynamics of model B    [PDF]

R. H. Dong, B. Zheng, N. J. Zhou

1209.0389 (Matthias Fuchs)

Elastic properties of colloidal solids with disorder    [PDF]

Matthias Fuchs

1209.0662 (Petr Yatsyshin et al.)

Capillary condensation revisited    [PDF]

Petr Yatsyshin, Nikos Savva, Serafim Kalliadasis