Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1008.4526 (Desislava Todorova et al.)

The relation of steady evaporating drops fed by an influx and freely
evaporating drops

Desislava Todorova, Uwe Thiele, Len M. Pismen

1204.1589 (Jiajia Zhou et al.)

Anisotropic flow in striped superhydrophobic channels    [PDF]

Jiajia Zhou, Aleksey V. Belyaev, Friederike Schmid, Olga I. Vinogradova

1204.1966 (Yuichi Hirose et al.)

Concentration fluctuations and phase transitions in coupled modulated

Yuichi Hirose, Shigeyuki Komura, David Andelman

1204.1983 (C. Micheletti et al.)

Numerical study of linear and circular model DNA chains confined in a
slit: metric and topological properties

C. Micheletti, E. Orlandini

1204.2037 (Tushar Kanti Bose et al.)

The Origin of Tilted Phase Generation in Systems of Ellipsoidal
Molecules with Dipolar Interactions

Tushar Kanti Bose, Jayashree Saha

1204.2055 (Wei Zhang et al.)

Correlated dynamics of weakly charged silica spheres at an air-water

Wei Zhang, Wei Chen, Penger Tong

1204.2072 (Jens Smiatek et al.)

Mesoscopic Simulations of Electroosmotic Flow and Electrophoresis in

Jens Smiatek, Friederike Schmid

1204.2075 (Friederike Schmid)

Are stress-free membranes really 'tensionless'?    [PDF]

Friederike Schmid

1204.2085 (Joerg Neder et al.)

Membrane-mediated protein-protein interaction: A Monte Carlo study    [PDF]

Joerg Neder, Beate West, Peter Nielaba, Friederike Schmid

1204.2088 (Liangshun Zhang et al.)

Hybrid Lattice Boltzmann / Dynamic Self-Consistent Field Simulations of
Microphase Separation and Vesicle Formation in Block Copolymer Systems

Liangshun Zhang, Agur Sevink, Friederike Schmid

1204.2093 (Cristóvão S. Dias et al.)

Analytical and numerical study of particles with binary adsorption    [PDF]

Cristóvão S. Dias, Nuno A. M. Araújo, António Cadilhe

1204.2183 (T. Iwashita et al.)

Atomic Mechanism of Flow in Simple Liquids under Shear    [PDF]

T. Iwashita, T. Egami