Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1304.8008 (James D. Farrell et al.)

Energy landscapes, structural topologies and rearrangement mechanisms in
clusters of dipolar particles

James D. Farrell, Christabel Lines, James J. Shepherd, Dwaipayan Chakrabarti, Mark A. Miller, David J. Wales

1304.7773 (Jay Armas)

How Fluids Bend: the Elastic Expansion for Higher-Dimensional Black

Jay Armas

1304.7874 (Ran Li et al.)

Generation of Diffraction-Free Optical Beams Using Wrinkled Membranes    [PDF]

Ran Li, Hui Yi, Xiao Hu, Leng Chen, Guangsha Shi, Weimin Wang, Tian Yang

1304.7880 (Umberto Marini Bettolo Marconi et al.)

Weighted density Lattice Boltzmann approach to fluids under confinement    [PDF]

Umberto Marini Bettolo Marconi, Simone Melchionna

1304.7896 (Michel Destrade)

Surface waves in deformed Bell materials    [PDF]

Michel Destrade

1304.7897 (Michel Destrade)

Rayleigh waves in symmetry planes of crystals: explicit secular
equations and some explicit wave speeds

Michel Destrade

1304.7906 (Michel Destrade)

Elastic interface acoustic waves in twinned crystals    [PDF]

Michel Destrade

1304.7908 (Michel Destrade)

Rayleigh waves and surface stability for Bell materials in compression;
comparison with rubber

Michel Destrade

1304.7989 (Andrea Taschin et al.)

A comparative study on bulk and nanoconfined water by time-resolved
optical Kerr effect spectroscopy

Andrea Taschin, Paolo Bartolini, Agnese Marcelli, Roberto Righini, Renato Torre

1304.8000 (V. Bocharova et al.)

A Biochemical Logic Approach to Biomarker-Activated Drug Release    [PDF]

V. Bocharova, O. Zavalov, K. MacVittie, M. A. Arugula, N. V. Guz, M. E. Dokukin, J. Halamek, I. Sokolov, V. Privman, E. Katz

1304.8098 (Marcello Sega et al.)

Water slippage on non-ideal surfaces: the role of static and dynamic

Marcello Sega, Mauro Sbragaglia, Luca Biferale, Sauro Succi